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YUGIOH ADILSONS LEAGUE (YAL) NO. 3: Attack of the Difé dan Cité! | Adilsons

YUGIOH ADILSONS LEAGUE (YAL) NO. 3: Attack of the Difé dan Cité!

The 3rd YAL of 2019 is on its way. Difé dan Cité! forced their way to the top of this YAL thanks to an amazing performance from their captain, Irfan, who piloted his Pendulum Magician deck. In the first round itself, he was up against the local Jesus Akhilesh and his Cyber Dragons and this was not a simple task.  Coming victorious out of this Duel, he made his way to top yet another YAL defeating on the way Wesley Valeran (Free agent), Kyle Luke (Awesome Blossoms) and noticeably Arjun Mayput (THE DUELIST TEAM!!!). Despite being undefeated for the day, Shaheed, with his True Draco deck, managed to snatch a draw from him in the fifth and final round. After being defeated in the first round, Akhilesh took some holy water and crushed all his remaining opponents to claim the second spot of this YAL. Thanks to the combined amazing performance of Akhilesh and Shaheed, Awesome Blossoms took the second place of the team leaderboard of YAL No. 3 leaving the Weeb Team for this first time of the season, not on top.

Despite missing one member, the consistency of their other team members to pull off precious victories was the key factor for Difé dan Cité! to come first of this YAL. Yanish Gunputrao (Left), most commonly known as Yann Masta pulled off some critical wins. King of Trads, Yann, famous for his long hair and sporting his sleeveless shirt played the Cyber Dragon Deck, second-most played deck of the day behind Salamangreat. He was also a member of last year’s Team winner, Meme Dream, helping them along the way to collect vital points after joining the team at half-season. But YAL 2019 was his first real complete participation and he decided to collab again with Irfan.

If you can’t beat them, troll, confuse or bore them. That’s how Shahoor Kausmally (above), also a member of Difé dan Cité!, tames his opponents. He normally plays Ojama (the multi-colored Bois in slip), Ritual beast and Vampire but this time he opted for an Orcust deck to pull off three wins and 1 draw earning his team some precious points.

Even though Difé dan Cité! top this YAL, they only manage to close the gap to 3 points only while Weeb Team remains the leader. Whilst have been distanced by the leaders, two points only separates Grimm Strikers and Awesome Blossoms and finally in the last position, THE DUELIST TEAM!!! are losing grounds due to the absence of two members.

The final ranking of YAL No. 3

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