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YUGIOH ADILSONS LEAGUE (YAL) NO. 2: The Weeb Menace | Adilsons


We plunge into our second YAL of 2019. The savior of last year’s winning team, Meme Dream, Akhilesh Prayag, our own Mauritian Jesus, blasted his way to the top of this YAL. Engineering his Cyber Dragon deck, our local Jesus took his Black Bible and was ruthless against his opponents, leaving them on the dust.

Throwback to 2018, Akhilesh joined Meme Dream, who was trailing the leader until the last YAL, after the transfer season. He won all matches and won 15 points enough to lead Meme Dream to a dream first team victory. Akhilesh showed all of us his dueling skills and his ability to play heavy combo deck. A true Cyber tamer. He is now a member of the Awesome Blossoms team.

Akhilesh (on the left) is up against Arjun Mayput (on the right), who ultimately lost that match. Arjun is our Veg Duelist who mains a Salamangreat deck (Salad Veg). He is not to be underestimated. Skillful and keeping his calm composure at all times, he came second individually in YAL 2018. He is now a member of THE DUELIST TEAM!!! lead by Jackk.

Member of Weeb Team, Kevin Jean Louis (on the right) tamed the Dinosaur deck, something only Owen Grady managed to do till now. Though extinct 66 Million years ago, Kevin gave a new life to the Dinosaurs, known to be powerful and ferocious, and thumped his way to the top 5 of this YAL. Kevin had a phenomenal growth and is now a fearsome duelist within our community. He was up against Akshay Etwareea (on the left) a member of THE DUELIST TEAM!!!, and ultimately won that match. Akshay has been a long time Adilsons faithful but is now taken up with studies. Good luck Akshay! He is also an example of why having a girlfriend/be engaged and playing Yugioh doesn’t work. So guys, if you want to play Yugioh, stay single unless your partner plays Yugioh too.

Some clicks from an eventful day

Overall, despite missing one team member, the Weeb Team came on top for the second YAL of 2019 distancing a bit more the Difé dan Cité!  team.

A quick overview of the team scoreboard after two YALs.

The final ranking of YAL No. 2

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