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Mauritian Community

While Adilsons is an anime store, in Mauritius we specialise in trading card game namely Yugioh. We are an official tournament store licensed by Konami and we organise regular tournaments under the TCG format. We broadcast live our tournaments on Facebook and Youtube as far as possible. The below video offers a good glimpse of the fantastic Yugioh Community in Mauritius. 

Our most active platform is a WhatsApp group for the anime club and Yugioh fans in Mauritius. However, since we reached the limit, we are now redirecting everyone to our discord server with over 500+ members. Join our Discord server to engage with our whole community. Moreover, while we also sell board games, we are not currently organising any board game events. However, our friend Board Gamers Mauritius regularly organises some events for those passionate about Board Game. Feel free to check their facebook page to join the community.

International Community

While we have warehouses in several parts of the world, we do not have "yet" representations outside Mauritius. Our international activities are limited to sales of merchandise from our website namely with an anime focus. As a hobby, we are producing anime music videos for our fans which can be available on our youtube channel. Below is our top video so far : 

 If you want to join the wider international Adilsons community, you can join our Facebook group and our Discord server but both are fairly new platforms but the engagement is increasing each day.

Cheers Otakus