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Duel Links Tournaments

Types of tournaments and broad information

Tournament Information

Have you always desired to put your duelist abilities to the test in one of your favorite games but never had a platform to really test the limits of your skills? Do you think you have what it takes to take it to the top? Well, say no more, for Adilsons is proudly announcing that we shall be eagerly conducting at least two monthly Duel Links Tournaments until June - July where a third format will be introduced to our monthly activities.

Types Of Tournaments:

  • Fun Tournament: A format that shall contain some restrictions which will normally be based on popular demands. This format will restrict Meta decks in our format and thus revolve around the fun aspect of dueling in Duel Links. Forget about net decking decks from the internet and playing cookie cutter combos and generic meta decks, Fun Tournaments will put your deck building skills to the test and you will imperatively have to come up with the best strategy you have along with the restrictions at hand to come up with the best way to win in a 4-5 swiss rounds format depending on the number of participants (9-16 Participants: 4 round / 17-32 Participants: 5 rounds).
  • Duel Links Adilsons Championship Series (DAC): The Championship series is the complete opposite of the Fun Tournament format. This format has no restriction at all when it comes to deck building (excluding the banlist in game). The Championship series are by far the most competitive and the most prestigious Tournaments of Adilsons, consisting of swiss rounds depending on the number of players (9-16 Participants: 4 round / 17-32 Participants: 5 rounds) and the top 8 facing each other until only one winner is obtained through best out of three matches (Also contains a 7 cards side deck with a sideable skill which shall count as one of the 7 cards of the side deck.)
  • Duel Links Adilsons League (DAL): The League is not released yet but shall be revolving around the Yugioh Adilsons League rules.

Tournament Participation Rules:

  • Join our WhatsApp group to see the latest fixtures:
  • Registration will be open to any Mauritian willing to participate (Mauritian Only).
  • Registration will also be open for foreigners who are currently living in Mauritius as long as they have their cross ID. It is highly recommended to have a cross ID to participate in our tournaments.
  • Registration will be timed and it is imperative that registration is done through the time frame instilled.
  • Participants will have to use smashgg to proceed through the online tournament which is the official browser tournament organizing software used for all tournaments in esports.
  • Disconnection during a duel in the tournament will be applied as “Konami Ruling” which will most of the time result as a loss unless you have proof that you had lethal/game on next turn.
  • Toxicity will     hardly be      tolerated      and    we     highly encourage   good sportsmanship.
  • For any questions, WhatsApp our tournament Manager Dredenia on +230 59372937

Think you can take it? Think you have what it takes and you are up the challenge?

Have at it!

How to participate

Participations will imperatively be through Smashgg which will be announced and explained in the group. Same information will be available on discord.