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YUGIOH ADILSONS LEAGUE (YAL) NO. 4: Revenge of the Weebs | Adilsons

YUGIOH ADILSONS LEAGUE (YAL) NO. 4: Revenge of the Weebs

The Weeb Team came back stronger for this fourth YAL. Two of their members, namely Kevin and Didier edged past two Difé dan Cité! team members, Irfan and Kris respectively in the first round itself. A strong signal sent to their rivals; we are not here to mess around.  Shafeeq, captain of Weeb Team, was faced against the legend Jeremy, a member of Grimm Strikers in the first round. Heroes vs Altergeist: it was finally the triumph of the Heroes.

Ex-team members now opponents, Arjun with Salamangreat were against Yann with his True Draco deck (Why True Draco Yann??). After 40 minutes of intense dueling and strats, it all ended in a draw. That was the only false for Arjun this day. In the second, he brushed aside Linley Burette, Spellcaster lover (especially the female ones) and his Altergeist deck, not an easy feat to do considering he is one of our giants, literally. Arjun then challenged and defeated three captains in a row: against Irfan and his Endymion Striker deck in the third round, Ritish, and his Altergeist Deck in the fourth round and finally the Weeb Lord Shafeeq and Heroes deck in the final round. He claimed yet another first place of YAL and single-handedly carrying his team as all other members were absent.

Bolstered by their victories in the first round and despite missing one member, the Weeb Team continued at the same pace and all three members claimed their wins in the second round. Didier and Kevin won against Sharuk Aubdool (Salamangreat) and Laurent Wong (Altergeist) respectively. Shafeeq came victorious against Oomar Hingun who was playing Endymion.  Oomar was the best duelist of the YAL 2018 with a whopping 135 points ahead Arjun with 98 points. Also member of the winning team (obviously) last year, Oomar (see below) decided to go solo in 2019 and his objectives are to taunt his opponents and roast/flame them. He is also our judge for the YALs along with Jason Tse who is the main judge.

Shafeeq made no mistakes and won against Shaheed and Salamangreat in the third round, and also won against his own teammate Kevin in the fourth round. But then he lost against Arjun in the final round preventing him from topping this YAL. So close! Kevin faced his two teammates consecutively. Kevin and his Dinosaur thumped Didier and his Thunder Dragon in the third round but finally lost against Shafeeq in the fourth and Shaheed in the last round. Didier’s only loss came against his own teammate preventing him from topping another YAL.

This YAL was also disputed with Arjun on top and behind him three duelists with 12 points. We noticed that the Weeb Team placed three duelists in the top 6 while Difé dan Cité! performed poorly with three of their member in the bottom five. Kris and his Trickstar Deck managed to salvage some precious points to prevent the gap between them and Weeb Team from growing. The Weeb Team is widening the gap with its rivals.

General ranking after four YALs:

The final ranking of YAL No. 4:


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