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Yugioh Adilsons League (YAL) No. 1: To a new year of dueling | Adilsons

Yugioh Adilsons League (YAL) No. 1: To a new year of dueling

The team system was introduced in YAL 2018 and we added some spice in the YAL 2019 and limited a maximum of 4 members per team till the transfer season. Duelists are worth in bricks depending on their performance in YAL 2018. We registered five teams giving us astounding duels and each team was lead by valiant captains.

Weeb Team – Captain: Shafeeq Nabeebaccus

He may be small, but his dueling skills are not. He has been a consistent duelist for years and an Adilsons faithful. Maining a HERO deck, dressed in green from head to toe, he is ready to overcome any obstacles to lead his team to victory.

Difé dan Cité! – Captain: Irfan Joomun

He needs no presentation. Multiple YALs topper, National winner, Grand Championship winner and Adilsons Legend champion, he won all there could exist except the Jeremy Cup. Switching between decks but mostly known for being a Pendulum user, we can expect him to take his team to victory.

Grimm Strikers – Captain: Ritish Juggurnauth

Cool and composed, Ritish has slowly paved his way to the elite. Finishing the dueling year 2018 on a high note, being runner-up of the National tournament and among the top 10 of YAL 2018, he demonstrated his dueling skill with his control deck, hated by many, Altergeist. He will lead his well-balanced team, which includes the legend, Jeremy HTS, who has a tournament dedicated in his name, through hard battles and hopefully earn that victory.

Awesome Blossoms – Captain: Shaheed Mahangeer

Shaheed already proved himself by winning the Grand Championship and topping several YALs. Maining a True Draco deck, his objectives are to prevent his opponents from playing and pave his way to victory, truly cancerous. Despite being underdog, he will try to lead his team and consistency will be a key factor to victory.

THE DUELIST TEAM!!! – Captain: Nehan Degambar (known as Jackk)

Consistent duelist, Jackk finally won the National tournament 2018 and was granted a permanent place in the Grand Championship Tournament, in which only privileged and ex-champions are allowed to participate. Maining Thunder Dragon deck, once again consistency will the main factor for a probable victory.

The complete list of all team members.

Weeb Team

  • Shafeeq Nabeebaccus
  • Dylan Montille
  • Kevin Jean Louis
  • Didier Luidialam

Difé dan Cité!

  • Irfan Joomun
  • Shahoor Kausmally
  • Yann Masta
  • Kris Luximon


  • Nehan Degambur
  • Arjun Mayput
  • Akshay Etwareea
  • Keriganne Rasolonjatovo

Grimm Strikers

  • Ritish Juggurnauth
  • Jeremy HTS
  • Laurent Wong
  • Sharun Rampadaruth

Awesome Blossoms

  • Shaheed Mahangeer
  • Jean Pascal Camoin
  • Akhilesh Prayag
  • Kyle Luke

The first YAL of 2019 gave us some amazing duels and was among the most disputed league. Didier Luidialam drilled his way to the top of YAL No.1 2019 with his Thunder Dragon Deck electrifying his opponents on his way. Fearsome duelist, Didier has been consistent throughout the years with multiple tops in leagues, finishing in the top 10 of YAL 2018 and earns a temporary participation in the Grand Championship 2017. Coming in second place, our composed duelist, Ritish made almost no mistakes. Then we have our green hero, Shafeeq, mystifying his opponents with his heroic strategy and placed him in third place. Finally, Shaheed floodgating his opponents with mischievous plays, completed our quartet, all earning 12 points. Despite the same number of points, Didier had a better aggregate ratio than his rivals. Our captains do hold their grounds.

Ritish (right) here can be seen controlling Dylan Montille (left) with his Altergeist deck. Dylan pranks his opponent with his Prankid deck. Member of the Weeb team, Dylan has been a faithful since several years now, creating some surprises along the way.

Krishnand Luximon (on the left) – member of the Difé dan Cité! team, our YAL 2016 winner, used to instill fear in his opponents with his Qliphort deck now return to us with a Trickstar deck. He is faced against the giant Jean Pascal Camoin (on the right) – member of the Awesome Blossoms team, among our most regular participants and is piloting the Kozmo deck.

Some clicks of the day

Special mention: Our Magic the Gathering community, who from time to time, comes along and offers us some fantastic battles.

The final ranking of our Yal No.1 2019. We can see how undecided it was.

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