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Welcome To Adilsons!

Hello and welcome to Adilsons!

What is Adilsons?
We are an entertainment franchise with almost 20 years of experience in dealing with all things pertaining to otaku and anime culture, down to the most minute detail.

Established in 2002, Adilsons has a long history of furnishing this overlooked niche in the Mauritian community; over the years, we have grown to become recognized as Official Tournament Store by Konami and have spearheaded the development of the local anime-watching community and now function as a hub for such activities and interests to fluorish. Our brick & mortar store is located on 12 Harris Street, Port Louis.

What do we do?
Adilsons strives relentlessly to create a legacy envisioned by our motto "Live Your Passion".

This does not simply entail the sale of anime franchise, but extends to encompass a host of activities and events aimed at facilitating the liberal expression and pursuit of all related activities for all ages, including- but not not limited to, competitive Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, online Duel Links tournaments, periodic anime-themed competitions on social media, regular representation at anime conventions, etc.

Our scope is not merely local: Adilsons sells and ships products worldwide at competitive prices, accessible on our website. The full rage of our inventory is yours to explore. All shipping charges to customers in Mauritius are waived.

How to buy from us?
Adilsons offers a variety of services to make your shopping experience as effortless and convenient as feasible. The customer can opt for any of the following modes of transaction:

Direct Purchase and Pickup at our Physical Store
Feel free to visit us on 12 Harris Street, Port Louis during the following hours:
Mon-Thu: 9:30am–5pm
Fri: 9:30am–12pm and 2:30–5pm
Sat: 9:30am–2pm
Sun: Closed

For inquiries about our local inventory, feel free to message our customer support on Whatsapp or Messenger, and a representative shall attend to your queries promptly.

Direct Purchase with Local Delivery
If for some reason, you are unable to reach our store but are interested in a product, Adilsons offers every customer the option to pay us via Juice (i.e. mobile banking). Once your transaction is approved, you may schedule for a delivery depending on its availability. This feature is still in its infancy, so we you are advised to contact customer support prior to making any such transactions.

Online Shopping
As mentioned prior, our online shop is readily accessible for customers to browse through. This offers the advantage of hosting a wider product range than is otherwise available in our physical store. All products are valid for international delivery and ship worldwide, including Mauritius itself.

Anime Merch Selection
In our quest to cater to all aspects of anime culture, Adilsons boasts a wide variety of anime merchandise for sale. This most notably includes the following:

•Action Figures and Keychains

•Themed Accessories

•Custom Collectibles

•An abundance of miscellaneous products

You can visit our Instagram page for a much more comprehensive catalogue of products.

Trading Card Products
A significant demand exists for products related to Card games, most notably Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and Magic The Gathering. Some of these products are showcased below:



•Magic: The Gathering


You can visit our Instagram page for a much more comprehensive catalogue of products.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments
YALs, otherwise known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Adilsons Leagues, are monthly competitive tournaments organised on site which regularly see significant participation from duelists of all ages from all parts of the island.

Held on Sundays, these events usually start by 9AM and last until the afternoon, and pit our duelists in consequence Swiss-style matches until a champion emerges. While these tournaments predominantly follow the metagame and encourage competitive dueling, all are welcome to participate and/or spectate the event and enjoy being a part of the local community.

Community Events
As mentioned before, Adilsons regularity undertakes ventures to keep the community engaged and encourages activities from all members in a variety of events. One such platform is our Discord server, where we host watch parties, quizzes and other related activites involving the community as a whole. The server is very active and sees participation from the entire international community. Those interested in joining the Discord server can proceed with the following invitation link:

We are also highly active on our Instagram platform, through which we regularly disseminate anime news, interesting facts and major announcements for all to see. To join our community of more than 2900 followers, you can access the link here:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is all you need to know about Adilsons! We look forward to your participation in future events and giveaways and hope to see you living your anime passion to your fullest capacity!

For further information, kindly contact us on Whatsapp on: +230 5829 1694

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