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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.7) | Adilsons

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.7)

Date Published: 18th March, 2021

Ohayou Mauritius! We're just over a week into quarantine and the second wave of covid seems to be plateauing! Let's all keep following confinement protocols carefully and give ourselves a pat on the back for being much more responsible in our consideration of the virus this time around. Well done minna! Remember to keep up the efforts.
Onto a lighter note, Adilsons is back yet again to bring you up to speed with everything we've been cooking up all week long. Let's get right into the juicy stuff, shall we?

1. Duel Links Tournaments!

Following the resounding success of our past events, this time around we don't have just 1- but 2 Duel Links Tournaments in store for you! The first one will be on Friday the 19th (today!) and is the Anti-meta Lockdown Tournament 2, and the second one will be on Saturday the 20th and will be a Regular Duel Links Bracket Tournament!
Just remember to follow the theme for today event if you're interested in taking part! For further details, check out our IG page, where we have posters for the event. You can also feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms with any queries.

2. Contests are in Effect!
That's right folks, our long promised Drawing Competition is now in full force! After a preliminary attempt which had to be foregone (people didn't read the rules!), we've started up the tournament right back again- and we're happy to report that people are (mostly) getting it right this time! While our list of rules and categories is on full display on our IG page, we'll include some specific hightlights here:
• Submission deadline Sunday 28 March 9pm
• Open for all age groups and all nationalities but have to be currently living in Mauritius
• Submit an artwork with your signature name/alias & date, and mention Adilsons drawing contest March 2021
• Drawing only
• You have the freedom to select your categories among the following:
• Open anime (Any drawing related to Anime in general)
• Anime Duo/Best Friends (E.g Happy and Natsu, Yato and Yukine, etc)
• Best Anime groups (Akatsuki, Straw Hat Crew, Team 7 etc)
• Any Pop culture related drawing (Disney, Marvel, DC, etc)
• Artwork size A4
• Each participant will receive a certificate of participation to be collected at the store

However, the Drawing Competition isn't the only thing we've come up with- Adilsons hereby invites you to the Anime (video) Edit Contest!
Adilsons Anime Edit contest is mostly a fun and interactive contest to let the fan base express their talent and passion in the form of a carefully pieced together short animated music video with effects. Show off your skills when you put your favorite video games and anime to the ultimate soundtrack! Let these two media combine into a beautiful Anime Edit that can move audiences to laughter or tears…or maybe both! Whether it’s heartbreaking dramas or fierce action, wow us with your technical know-how and artistic talent.

Remember, for the full list of rules, T&C and any other information pertaining to BOTH the contests, you can visit our main page for the competitions here:
Bookmark the page if you think you might forget it, as you'll need to visit it again at the time of submission.

3. Shipment has Arrived!
Well, we saved the best news for last this time: our big anime merch arrival has, well, arrived! Unfortunately, we can't quite get things rolling owing to the national crisis- but that's fine: the nation always comes first. We just thought we'd let you know that there's no reason to be anxious anymore. Everything is here with us safe and accounted for; as soon as regulations are relaxed, we'll make further announcements to let everyone know how we'll proceed!
Bet that got you in a better mood. 😏

That's all for this week's Newsletter, everyone! We'll catch you next time in the 4th week of Marcg to bring you more exciting details and developments on the local frontier! Until then, keep living your passion everyone- and stay healthy (at home)!

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