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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.9)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.9)

Date Published: Thurs 8th April, 2021

Good morning Mauritius! We hope you're ready for some action today because Adilsons has a bucketful of news to send your way. So, sit down and have your breakfast and we'll bring you up to speed with everything that you need to know about your passion in Mauritius! We'll also start off with a reminder that the Covid situation is showing a definite spike with over 34 cases reported just two days ago; in light of this fact, we'll urge all our readers to wear their masks when going out (there's a huge fine now in case you don't know!) and maintain social distancing at all times!

The world ending aside, we have quite a lot of news that'll take your mind right off it. Let's get into it.


1. IG Meme Tournament Discontinued!

We regret to start off on a grim note, but Adilsons has hereby discontinued the Instagram exclusive tournament. When presenting the idea to the community, we received tremendous positive feedback from you guys but the actual amount of participants in the competition was nothing compared to the amount of participation that was initially promised. In light of this news, we have terminated the tournament effective immediately and until further notice.
Adilsons urges the community to be more transparent in expressing their wishes and advice. We're here for you and we want everyone to have fun, but it's only possible if we're all on the same page! We still welcome any feedback and suggestions on the matter.


2. Online Services for Anime Bundle available!

Adilsons is pleased to announce the establishment of Online services for your every anime need! This is in addition to our website services and is exclusive to those living on the island. We understand the sincere inconvenience caused due to the C-crisis in everyone's day to day life, but Adilsons has devised a way to bypass these hurdles via our Anime Bundle service.
We have posted videos detailing our inventory and the respective prices of the items on sale- all in continuous, unedited short motion takes for you to get a real feel of our products right from home! When you see something you like, just pick it out and let us know! Please be informed that a few more conditions apply to this service, all of which are available for you to browse on our social media platforms. If you're unsure of where to start, this video on our Instagram will get your off to a good start!


3. Drawing Competition Results!

More exciting news is in store! Keep an eye on your calender for the 11th of April, because that's when we'll be declaring the winners of our immensely popular Drawing Competition! Please know that you can vote for your favorite drawings over on our stories as a show of support, but the final decision for choosing the winning entry rests with Adilsons. Are you as excited as we are for this Sunday?!


4. Special Livestream on Sunday!

In addition to declaring the winners for the Drawing competition, our special upcoming livestream over on Instagram will discuss the following topics:
•Updates and Discussions on future Art Contests!
•How to Monetize your Skills Part II
•Updates to the Manga Library
•A special announcement regarding an upcoming online Cosplay Contest!!!

Be sure to tune in! You don't wanna miss this!


5. Anime Video Edit Tournament!

The anime edit tournament is proceeding full steam ahead! All potential applicants are reminded that you are free to submit an entry 24/7, BUT we'll only be posting up to 10 videos a day to allow each entry the option to shine! As usual, we are operating on a First Come First Served basis, so your best chances of gaining the most views and feedback lies in your ability to make a submission before your competitors!

Don't be shy. Step up to the challenge and show us your editing skills! All the best!


6. Giveaways!

Giveaways are a special part of Adilsons' belief. We love to spoil our community and you guys enjoy it too. Everything from vouchers to YuGiOh cards to anime merch has found its way into our giveaways, and we have no intention of slowing down. Keep a close eye on our social media accounts, because we're cooking up yet another giveaway for you guys in the near future!


7. Facebook Competition Winner!

Adilsons wishes to congratulate Stéphanie Ferdinand for winning the March edition of our Facebook Competition! Your certificate and prize are ready for collection! Congratulations!!!

And that's finally it for this week's local anime news! Catch us next week for more exciting developments, and remember minna- Live Your Passion!

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