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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.24)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.24)

Date Published: Sat, 6th Nov, 2021

Rise and shine, Mauritius; it's time for your weekly dose of everything Adilsons! We've been posting these newsletters on a fortnightly basis for quite some time now, but that's got nothing to do with lack of development and everything to do with us working overtime to put everything in place for you folks. The YuGiOh scene is full of bustle & excitement following the release of the Mega Tins, the Cyber Strike Structure Deck and Maximum Gold El Dorado and we've been juggling delays in shipping & managing regular inquiries about the same from our loyal customers for several days now. The return of on-site dueling also keeps our hands busy all day long. It is only today that we can address all these questions & reveal to you the amazing things yet in store for all the weebs in Mauritius!

1. Product Arrivals!

With all the waves of releases in the Yugioh-verse, this month marks perhaps the busiest points in the history of the game: the back to back releases of the Cyber Strike Structure Deck, Mega Tins, Synchro Storm & Burst of Destiny have created a bottleneck in supply and demand and the unreliabilty of international shipping does little to alleviate the issue. Fortune has been kind to us, however, and we're pleased to announce the arrival of several products, both Yugioh & otherwise. The full product list for the accessories with their prices can be seen below:

BREAKING: In addition to the aforementioned list, we're pleased to announce the arrival of a second batch of deliveries, including Burst of Destiny, Synchro Storm and a wide array of dueling accessories! You may check our Instagram account for the full list with their prices, but some items highlighted for your interest are shown below:

As for the increasing inquiries on the remaining products, here are our current expectations on their dates of arrival:
Mega Tins 2021: mid November
Cyber Strike: uncertain, early December
Brothers of Legend: TBA following product release
Max. Gold El Dorado: TBA following product release

2. Yugioh Championships: Series Two!!

Not a week goes by where we let the dueling fever cool down at Adilsons. Our second dueling championships have begun and the participants are all ready & rearing to send each other to the shadow realm! Two groups of 14 participants each have been made and in the weeks to follow, their dueling prowess shall be put to the test as the second on-site series kicks off! We can't wait to see what these duelists come up with in the weeks to come, especially after sets like Burst of Destiny enter mass circulation! It's the calm before the storm for these duelists; who'll emerge standing from the tempest of cards? Find out in the weeks to come!!!

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