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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.23)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.23)

Date Published: Fri, 15th Oct, 2021

Yugioh, Yugioh and more Yugioh is what we've got for you this week. (Did we mention Yugioh too?) Following an almost half a year long hiatus from on-site dueling, Adilsons is eager to welcome everyone back to our regular dueling arrangements and we've planned this transition in minite detail to give our faithful dueling community an experience like none other they've ever known! This week, we focus exclusively on what our duelists can expect in the days to follow and how best they can take their card game passion to new heights! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the week for Yugioh!

1. Tourney Results Out!

That's right folks, our first back to site tourney is complete and the results are out after two weeks of grueling card-wielding dueling! The results, we're willing to bet, have taken you by surprise: not a single deck earned more than one place in the top 12 spots, and the deck that topped it all- Mathmechs- is one that the dueling community had all but overlooked almost two years ago! The name of the game is ingenuity and the results are in full agreement: our heartiest congratulations go our to Jason Tse for topping our first on-site tourney since the quarantine! Didier Luidialam earned a well-deserved 2nd place spot with Tribrigade and none other than Shafeeq piloted his way into 3rd place with his all-time favorite Hero deck! The decklists are out and the results have spoken; the only question is how the rest of the community will respond to this sudden shift in rankings and how this will go on to influence their deck-building strategies in the tournaments yet to come!

Only time will tell who'll reign as the King of Games!

2. Grand Championships- LIVE!

As far as the title of King of Games goes, none have been closer to attaining it than our very own National Winners! Years have passed and several tourneys have come and gone, but only one winner emerged each time. We've gathered all the winners of last Nationals, Grand Championships and YALs into one huge deathmatch: the 2021 Grand Championships!!! However, this card game gulag comes with a twist; the games will follow the traditional Highlander format where only 1 copy of a card is allowed and up to 15 cards in the main deck can be from the Forbidden List (and 5 cards in the Extra Deck)! This is no longer a game of drawing the right cards, but one of dueling with the right cards in the first place! In the ultimate test of deck-building strategy and quick wit held in unexplored territory, who will emerge as the top duelist? The 6th edition of our Grand Championship will be held on site on October the 24th!

3. Remote Tourney: Cyber Strike Sneak!

In acknowledgement of the fact that the dueling scene has been changed forever following the introduction of remote duels, we're keeping this niche of Yugioh alive by hosting a Remote tournament to celebrate the release of the Cyber Strike Structure Deck! Simply put, it's a win a mat tourney with the theme of Cyberdark to decorate your victory! Invitations are open to all interested parties and you're encouraged to submit your names as soon as possible so the tourney may proceed smoothly! Do you have what it takes to dominate?

That's all for this week, minna! We'll ba back with more diversity in the weeks to follow, not to worry! Until then, living your passion should be your only concern!!!
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