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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! [2022, V.1]

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! [2022, V.1]

Date Published: Sun, 24th July, 2022

Hey everyone! It's been a while since our last newsletter but Adilsons has been busy as ever pumping out event after event to bring the anime community of Mauritius together. In case you've been out of the loop, we've had two important milestones in our journey since the last newsletter was published: the first was our temporary booth at La City Trianon and the second- more recent- event was the announcement of our second branch, which shall be opening for business shortly!

As our brand grows and Adilsons becomes closer to being a household name for anime in the nation, we're keeping the pedal floored as our train to your dreams picks up momentum like never before. In this regard, do expect our newsletters to resume publications from next week onward. Furthermore, we're reworking the way we produce written content for you guys: expect more anime reviews and recommendations in the future! Also, any news of note taking the international community by storm will now be included in the newsletter itself, so all the news is now delivered to you in one go! An FAQ section will also accompany future iterations of our publications, for your convenience.

Getting to this week's developments, there's only two major things to note!

1. UoM Event Cancelled

Our plans to host an event at Reduit have faced unforeseen complications, owing to which, we cannot proceed as expected. While this news is unfortunate, do not despair! We have plans for future events in the works and we'll make sure that those events go through exactly as intended! For now, however, you'll just have to visit our main branch at Harris Street, Port Louis for all your anime and dueling needs! Unless...

2. Adilsons at Caudan!

If you're at Caudan next weekend, keep an eye out for us, because Adilsons presents: The Return of The Vagabond!!! After the tremendous success of our first Vagabond event, everyone's favorite challenger is back to his dueling tricks again, this time with new Rules and amazing Prizes! Check out our summary card for all the information you'll need:

Just bring a deck, some pocket change and get your game on, folks! We'll be waiting to count your wins!
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