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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.22)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.22)

Date Published: Sat, 2nd Oct, 2021

Good morning Mauritius and welcome to October's first edition of the Adilsons newsletter! It's been a while since our last interaction with you (as there was no Newsletter released last week), so we've got quite a bit of catching up to do! The developments since mid September have been few but extremely significant, heralding a new chapter in the life of our store and the way in which we will be able to serve your needs in the future; fortunately, as you'll see shortly, we've got nothing but good news for you in this capacity! With those words, let's dig deeper, shall we?!

1. Live Tournaments Are Back!

It is with great pleasure and high esteem that we announce the official return of face-to-face (or mask-to-mask!) duels held at our offical venue at Harris Street! Effective from the 25th of September, this change marks a notable milestone in our return to normalcy and a glimpse into how things used to work before the C-crisis. Naturally, certain precautionary measures will be in place to ensure the protection of all parties involved: social distancing, mask-wearing and group division measures will be in effect throughout all tournament brackets for the foreseeable future.

To prevent overcrowding at the venue, we've established a group division system whereby all applicants are randomly split into groups of 6 participants each (initially intended to be 4) as Groups A, B, C, ... etc. Two groups will be designated for each week and will face off in Swiss rounds, following which the rop 3 (initially 2) from each group will make it to higher rounds, and so on! By the time this newsletter is released, Groups A & B and C & D will already have been pitted against each other! The results for Groups A & B have been released and are as follows:

Be sure to stay tuned for further updates, as there's quite a few rounds still to go before we determine the first champion in our first back to live duel series!!! Spectating on the venue is forbidden in the interest of maintaining a low-crowd environment, but our YouTube channel will have several commentary videos available to walk you through each event in great detail, all narrated over by none other than our own Shafeeq Nabeebaccus! Included below for your reference is the group by group participant chart for our live duel series:

2. Big Hype and Meta Warping: The Mega Tins Approach!

The recent release of one of the most highly anticipated products of YuGiOh this year is just around the corner. Included below is an excerpt from our anime news segment to get you up to pace on what you can expect to see inside the 2021 mega tin:

"The floodgates came bursting open last week as the 29th of September rolled around and the much-awaited tins found their way into OTS stores across the world! Widely regarded as the best product of 2021 and a contender for one of the best tins in YuGiOh history, the Tins of Ancient Battles bring with them a prophecy that will change the entire way the game is played in the future: Crossout Designator is finally (as of today) tournament legal and is set to change the way tournament decks will be built from now on! Enjoying a significantly longer run in the OCG, the card has proved its value on eastern shores and is as ubiquitous a find as the coveted Maxx C- raising an argument in favour of releasing the three star vermin in the TCG as well! Unlikely as this may be, at least from speculations made by prominent Yugitubers, Designator paves the way for several changes in the way main decks and side decks will be approached henceforth!"

Be sure to pick up your tins at our shop starting from next week! This is a product you'll regret missing out on, so grab them before they're gone for good!

FAQs: All the Answers You'll Need!

Do you have Valhallah clothes or cosplay costumes?

We will have some models which will reach towards either end of October or early November. They will be available on our new website
However, in case you have an urgent need, we can make a custom order for you or if its a simple design, then we can do it locally ourselves.

So that means you can do custom print?

Yes, we can do custom print services on many products. However, we haven't advertised it yet as we prefer to centralise the orders on the new platform. This way you will be able to see clearly how to order your custom product. Normally we should give you access to a studio to create your design or to upload the image you want us to put on the product. Well, it will be clearer once it's operational. Do not worry, we will update you as long as you keep subscribing to our email & SMS list.

How can I access your current stock list and pricing for anime merch & Manga?

While we would have loved to show it to you on our website, right now, the best way to access it online is via our google drive link

This is temporary until we have a dedicated website for Mauritius with the pricing in rupees. The current one, is mostly targeted at our international customers.

Will there be a physical loyalty card like the Hunter X Hunter you showed in stories?

At first, our loyalty program will be digital, all on the new platform. You will need to create an account and use it when you make purchases with us be it online or at the store. This way, all purchases you make will be attributed to that account so that you can get benefits.

Then, later on, we can implement a physical card, say around 2022 based on how many opted in this program. However, to be honest, right now our focus is to make a proper thank you card. If you have suggestions about both, feel free to reach out at

I wanted to ask if/when will Rascal Does Not Dream of a Sister on an Outing be available. It is volume 8 of the rascal doesn't dream of light novels?

All new releases if made available from the distributors will be updated on our pre-order list via google drive. Unfortunately, we don’t keep track of individual releases right now as our team is small. But every time we email you that there are updates, I suggest you check the excel and make a search. Again all this is temporary until we have a new website that will make all this smoother, whereby we can even email you automatically whenever a new product is made available either in stock or to is pre-ordered. The excel can be accessed under the same linktree link as above. 

Is anime shoes still available for pre-order?

Unfortunately, we have already closed the pre-orders for all merch. Now we need to wait for the new arrival towards the end of October and the new platform to be operational so that we can collect pre-orders if applicable there itself. But don’t worry, we will keep on bringing the merchs🙌🏼

Do you have bunny girl senpai costume? If yes, what is the price?

Yes, we will have it in the new arrival as well as several maid costumes. While we would have loved to tell you the prices, unfortunately, we need to wait for the new arrival so that we can pay all relevant imports charges and then make a costing. Do bear with us a little 🙏🏼

Do you have Naruto rings in stock? If yes can I buy it via IG or should I come to the shop?

Yes, we have it in stock. However, you should come to the shop but if you want to make an online purchase, you can do so but WhatsApp here: +230 5 778-2336
Should you opt for delivery, kindly note that the postal delivery is at rs150 and we also offer door to door but it’s best for large orders.
Should you wish to access our stocklist, do check this Linktree link!

Do you sell Yuri Ayata Wig & his choker?

Right now no but we can bring it for you. Is it urgent? If yes, then WhatsApp us here for online orders: +230 5 778-2336
If not, then kindly wait for the new arrival which will be displayed on the new platform. We will be able to offer lots of customization options including the chokers.
Else, as usual, check our stocklist via our linktree link to see the currently available merchs.

What events do you have?

We have the anime edit contest, anime meme competition on our Facebook group and Yugioh tournaments (including mobile app duel links). All links to those events are found on our Linktree link

What anime clothing do you have in stock?

This is one of our weaknesses as our stocklist is not fairly represented. We have more items in stock but we have not been able to update the stocklist as the varieties are high but the quantity is low. if you are seriously considering purchasing clothing, it is best to come to our store in Port Louis. But if you are coming solely for that, then WhatsApp us so that you are not disappointed if your size isn't available. However, we can do custom print for hoodies and T-shirts, so it should not be a problem.

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