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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.13)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.13)

Date Published: Thurs, 13th May, 2021

A very good Friday morning dear Mauritians and Eid Mubarak to you all! There's not much going around locally this week in terms of news since we've winded things down for a bit; just a few notices we want to bring to your attention. That said, let's get right to it!

1. New TCG Arrivals in Store!
We're happy to announce that we have stocked up on two highly sought-after products for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, these being the recently released Ghosts From the Past and the chase set Legendary Duelists Season 2. Each of these products is going for 750rs per minibox, so get yours while stocks last! Here's some chase cards you can expect from these sets:

GFTP: Evenly Matched, Galaxy Eyes Cipher X Dragon, Hellshaddoll Void, New Dragunity Cards, Metalfoes Reprints, Danger Thunderbird, Hieratic Cards, and much much more!

LED2: Galaxy Eyes Afterglow Dragon, Bingo Machine Go!, Photon Orbital, Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon, Cyber Dragon Cards, Harpie Cards, Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon, and many more where these came from!

Come and grab your product before they're sold out! Ghosts From the Past is already in high demand worldwide!

2. Adilsons is Closed!
And we'll stay that way from the 13th to the 17th of this month, meaning that you can start coming in from next week Tuesday (the 18th)! We hope you all have a great 3 day weekend and those celebrating Eid reap Allah's greatest blessings! We'll be open before you know it!

3. Prize Redemptions!
Except for winners of the Drawing Contest, all other competition and giveaway winners can come to redeem their prizes at our store! As for those who won places in the Drawing Contest, don't worry; we'll update you about when your prizes are ready by next week! We're in the process of putting everything together for you since there were so many winners!

That caps off this week's local news folks! We wish to leave you with advice on being careful when going out, since the virus is still infecting people. Please take all necessary precautions and enjoy yourselves a well-deserved weekend!

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