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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.14)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.14)

Date Published: Fri, 21st May, 2021

With less than a month left till the total relaxation of our confinement protocols, Mauritius is well on its way to normalcy! Fortunately for all otakus on our beloved island, Adilsons has made sure that even a pandemic can't throw a wrench in our plans to have fun and live our passion! That said, let's get right to this week's local entertainment news!

1. Drawing Contest Prize Redemptions!

We made a promise last week and we're keeping it folks- you can now come in to our store and redeem your prizes for the Drawing Contest starting from the coming Saturday (tomorrow!) Head on over and claim your spoils, winners!

2. Anime Clothing Arrival!

The next big thing on our agenda is here! Saturday the 29th May is the day to mark on your calendar, as we'll be revealing a wide selection of new and store-exclusive (you won't find it in our online shop!) anime clothing for your day to day otaku needs! These won't just be your ordinary cosplay clothes like Akatsuki cloaks and so on; we're talking clothes you can wear on a daily basis (but if you go to work dressed like Itachi, we're certainly not complaining!).

Casual wear, shirts, jackets, hoodies and so much more will be up for sale, so get your wallets ready because these will sell out fast!!! Take your anime passion to new heights by sporting your favorite anime through casual apparel and leave your friends baking in envy as you stroll around in a style all of your own! Remember: these items are EXCLUSIVE to our store, and will not be available for purchase online! Only lucky locals will be able to benefit from this event!

3. Mangas Incoming!

As we grow our manga collectio , we wanna let you guys know that we've placed orders for several volumes which will soon be available for all to read in our library. Furthermore, to all those who pre-ordered titles from us, we want to offer confirmation that your titles have also been ordered and are en route to Mauritius as you read this! Get ready for the arrival and hope that social distancing is revoked so you can enjoy our growing library to your fullest extent!

4. Online Catalogue in the Works!

In response to the growing demand for delivery services, we're finally announcing an exclusive upcoming feature for all- Adilsons is currently in the process of designing an online catalogue for the sale of goods and services across the island with shipping right to your destination! You will no longer be bound to visit our shop in person as we can send your goods right to you! More on this will be revealed in the future. If all goes well, even by next week! Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

That concludes this week's local news, minna! We have a lot of surprises in store for you, so stay tuned every week for the latest insights into what Adilsons has planned for you! Until next week, keep on living your passion minna!
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