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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.12)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.12)

Date Published: Thurs, 6th May, 2021

Ohayou Mauritius! We're glad to have you for the 12th edition of the Adilsons Newsletter and this week's segment is bursting with exciting updates, nail-biting results and jaw-dropping announcements. We've got the full entertainment package for you this time, so let's get right to it!

1. Adilsons Open For Business!

In case you missed last week's news, we want to remind everyone that we're open for business at our physical store on Harris Street! You guys have been pouring in and we're happy to see everyone finally enjoying themselves and partaking in their passion. We'd also like to inform you that many of our hoodies are still in stock, and you can check out some of our remaining samples here:

Adilsons also wants to hear your feedback on the topic of our manga library. We're keen to hear what titles you'd like to read, so we can start to cater to your needs based on their demand. We're on the brink of achieving something monumental for the anime community in Mauritius and we're open to any and all suggestions on how you'd like us to build our manga library collection into a sight to behold!

2. AMV Competition Results!

Adilsons is pleased to announce the results of our immensely popular AMV edit competition! The long battle of intense video editing, cutting, trimming and syncing has finally come to a close and the results, as decided by YOU guys, are finally out! Queue the drumroll as we reveal the scores for every participant!
Adilsons wishes to congratulate every participant for their contribution and efforts towards making this competition the resounding success that it was. We hope your experience allowed you to hone your skills and develop your editing passion to new heights! Once again, very hearty congratulations go out to everyone who took part, and we look forward to your participation in more events to come!

3. Remote Duels On The Way!

Adilsons is pleased to announce that we have made arrangements for the undisturbed continuation of all Yu-Gi-Oh events and fully incorporated Remote Duels into our agenda for all future tournaments until further notice! There's no need to worry about social distancing or the confinement putting a halt to your favorite card game shenanigans, because we're all set to take things digital! Just grab your deck and a phone stand and jump into the action! Here's our schedule for the coming weeks, culminating in a much awaited Lightning Overdrive sneak peek at the end of this month!

If you don't understand how remote dueling works or what its rules are, you can check out several videos on YouTube which will guide you on how to set up your dueling station. Here's a video by a popular yugituber showing his setup.

4. April Meme Tournament Winner!

April's edition of the Meme Tournament is over, and we have the winner! One name stood above the rest and that is Kaysen Myguele, who had the Most Engaged Post for the month of April! Here's your certificate!

You can come to collect your physical copy at our store whenever you like! Let's see if a new name will emerge to take the crown for May's edition of the Meme Tournament!

That just about wraps it up for this week's segment minna! Catch you with more exciting updates next week! And remember: Live Your Passion with Adilsons! You can check out this link for more information!

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