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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.11)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.11)

Date Published: Thurs, 30th April, 2021

Ohayou Mauritius and welcome to the 11th segment of Adilsons' Weekly Newsletter! We're jam-packed with super exciting updates that are primed to send waves of excitement across the nation, so buckle up for a wild ride! With the progression of covid finally attaining manageable levels and the impending relaxation of confinement protocols, Adilsons is all set to celebrate (with all safety procedures ofc)! That said, let's delve into the madness that we have in store for you!


The news you've all been waiting for is here: Adilsons will be reopening our shop (at 12 Harris Street, Port Louis) and resuming all activities from the 3rd of May. Please note that wearing of a mask and social distancing are strictly to be followed in the interest of preserving of everyone's health, but you are otherwise free to do whatever you like. We're full of stock ranging from TCG products to anime merch and just about everything in between, so rest assured that we definitely have something you're looking for! Speaking of "everything in between", that leads us to our next headline...

2. Manga Library is Open!!

Our first batch of mangas and light novels have arrived and will be available for you to read on the spot or rent as you please! Further details are yet to be announced, (since we can't have our library full of weebs just yet!) and will be communicated to you in due course.
Not to worry though- we have something that you can get involved in straight away: we are taking pre-orders for all your anime books, be it manga, light novels, manhwas, art books, or whatever anything else under the sun, we are ready to take your pre-orders!

3. Yet Another Giveaway!

The fun never stops with Adilsons! We've got another giveaway for you guys which is being hosted on our friend's IG page that you can check out here!
There will be three winners, with the top prize being an Akatsuki Cloak!!! Let's see your win no jutsu!

4. Pre-Orders!

In ligjt of the ever-increasing demand being placed by you folks and the huge volume of our anime bundles which have been reserved, Adilsons expects that a shortage in stock just might be around the corner! To avoid this, we're asking you to fill out a preorder form depending on what you need, as it fits into one of the following categories:
1. Electronics
2. Branded Toys & Trading card games
3. Anime/TV Shows/ Movies/Kpop Merch

Please note that there's no need to rush right now: you will have until the mid of May to fill out our forms, so for now you still have the option to pick our anime bundle option, which can be accessed right here!

5. New Rules for Anime Edit Contest!

A big thanks goes out to everyone who took part in the April edition of our Anime Edit Contest (which is still ongoing btw!), but we just wanna let you guys know about some new rules which will apply to the May segment of this Contest, which are summarised below:

Theme: while we will keep the name Anime Edit Contest, your clips can be from anything as long as its anime related.
Clip length: the maximum time of the clip should be 15 seconds. You are strongly suggested to keep it between 9-15 secs!
Number of submissions: you can now submit up to 5 clips for May's Contest. We will post on a first submitted basis, with a 10 maximum posts per day!

For further details on these changes, please check your inbox for out email dated the 28th of April!

Before we wrap up this week's Newsletter, check out this link if you have any preorders or doubts or want to join any of our social media groups and mailing lists! It's literally everything in one!
And with that said, you know what to do minna: Live Your Passion!
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