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On Sunday 19th of July 2020, Adilsons hosted the annual Grand Championship for 2020, alongside, on the same day, the very first Prize Giving Ceremony Adilsons ever hosted. Duelists who performed amazingly well in 2019 were rewarded for their great efforts with certificates, medals and trophies.

Adilsons has 3 yearly events: Yu-Gi-Oh! Adilsons League (shortened into YAL), Nationals and Grand Championship.

YAL is a 12-day event where each month has one day of YAL. Consisting of teams of 4 duelists each, every team does their best to accumulate the highest number of total points throughout a whole year. A duelist who wins brings 3 points for the team, a duelist who scores a draw gets 1 point for the team, and a duelist who loses brings 0 point for the team. With a total of 5 matches per day, each team must do their best every time to make sure they win the league. Any duelist not in a team can still participate, and may or may not be chosen to replace an absent team-member from time to time. While teams have their rankings, each duelist has their own individual rankings too. So YAL focuses on both teamwork and self-improvement.

Nationals are a 1-day event that only occurs once every December. Unlike YAL, Nationals have no team involved. Based around the same point system as for YAL, an elimination process occurs when all 5 matches have been done. The top 8 duelists with the highest number of points then face against their designated opponents in more elimination rounds until 1 duelist wins among the only 2 left at the end.

Grand Championship is a one-day event that mostly occurs once every August. YAL and Nationals have anyone allowed to participate, but Grand Championship only allows:

  1. Duelists who won one day of YAL for the respective year
  2. Duelists who have the most points in the team that won a YAL
  3. Duelists who won Nationals to participate.

Among the three methods described earlier to participate, only one of them does not necessarily allow participation to Grand Championships in future years: Winning only one day of YAL. The procedure is elimination rounds until one duelist wins the last round. A greater challenge for elite duelists. The winner of a Grand Championship will then have to face the winner of the previous Grand Championship, determining who is the Ultimate Duelist of the year.

2019 had the YAL 2019, Nationals 2019 and 2019 Grand Championship, which both had tough competitions when it came to individual rankings. Not only those who won and those who reached a certain high ranking were awarded, but also the duelist who performed the best among newcomers, the duelist who was present for every major event, the duelist who improved a lot since the previous year, and the duelist who contributed the most in terms of communication and media. Of course, the prize giving ceremony had to be recorded to preserve these proud memories through the history of Adilsons.

Grand Championship 2019 Winner: Arjun Mayput

Grand Championship 2020 Winner and Runner-Up of Nationals 2019: Irfan Joomun

Top 4 of Nationals 2019: Oomar Hingun and Shafeeq Nabeebaccus

Nationals 2019 Winner: Ritish Juggurnauth

Ultimate Duelist of 2018: Nehan Degumbur. He was absent on that day.

Runner-Up Ultimate Duelist 2018: Shaheed Mahangeer

YAL 2019 Team Winner: Weeb Team composed of (From left to right):

Didier Luidialam, Anas Ramjaun, Shafeeq Nabeebaccus, Dylan Montille and Kevin Jean Louis.

YAL 2019 100-point club:

7th Place: Jean Louis Kevin

6th Place: Shafeeq Nabeebaccus

5th Place: Shaheed Mahangeer

4th Place: Arjun Mayput

3rd Place: Didier Luidialam

2nd Place: Ritish Juggurnauth

1st Place: Irfan Joomun

YAL 2019 Most Promising Newcomer: Jeremy Cheong

YAL 2019 Most Consistent Duelist: Didier Luidialam

YAL 2019 Most Improved Duelist: Kevin Jean Louis

Most Contributing Duelist (Statistics and Photos): Jeremy HTS

Ultimate Duelist 2019: Ritish Juggurnauth

The history of Adilsons’ events in 2019 have been carved in the form of certificates, medals, trophies and a playmat. As the duelists received their prizes, both those who were awarded and those who were spectating decided to strive even better for 2020, creating a fiercer competition. Only time can tell who will be the next winners of the events in 2020.

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