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Adilsons Anime Store Pre-Opening at Cosmaucon | Adilsons

Adilsons Anime Store Pre-Opening at Cosmaucon

The BIG NEWS you have been waiting for ... so, we will do a pre-opening of our anime store at the Cosmaucon on the 13th December 2020 and the grand opening will be the following week. 

Finally things are starting to fall in place. Even though we still have a lot of work for the anime store (analysing your feedbacks, ordering, arranging the store, etc) I have decided to bring a small collections of our anime merchandise to the Cosmaucon event. I think as both Otaku, it is nearly impossible that you will miss this event in Mauritius. As for those who are wondering what the Cosmaucon is, let me tell you that you


Cosmaucon is an event celebrating Pop Culture which is vast and covers different genres such as manga, comics, movies, series. The organisers have been organizing this event since 2017. For this 1st Edition, we will have 5 themes namely.

  • Cosplay
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Japanese Culture
  • Pop Culture


The Cosplay Contest will allow the 1st two contestant to participate to The Indian Ocean Cosplay Championship ( IOCC ). The IOCC will be held next year in 2021 in Reunion Island during the Geekali. The IOCC is a cosplay contest where 5 representants from 3 islands namely Mauritius, Reunion Island & Madagascar will compete for the title of Cosplay Champion of the Indian Ocea. Winning the IOCC will give him/her the opportunity to participate to the Cosplay Contest of Comic Con Africa held in Johannesburg; South Africa.
Winning the Cosplay Contest @ the Comic Con Africa is an all-expenses paid trip to the C2E2 held in Chicago;USA.

We are also holding a One Piece Cosplay Contest. Its’ a Cosplay Contest specifically for the One Piece Universe.

We will have the following prizes:

  1. Cosplay Champion – Attendance to Geekali 2021 ( Air Ticket, Accommodation )
  2. Cosplay Champion – Attendance to Geekali 2021 ( Air Ticket, Accommodation )
  3. Costume Champion – One Huawei Y6 Smartphone
  4. Best Newbie – Rs 500 voucher + Cosplay Workshop @ Aether Wolf Workshop
  5. Performance Champion – Action Figure of Itachi Uchiha
  6. One Piece Cosplay Champion – Action Figure of Boa Hancock
  7. Judge's Favorite – 2 hand painted t shirts

Click for Cosplay Registration

Click for Cosplay Rules


Gaming will be divided in 5 sub sections:

  1. Playstation
    There will be 4 playstations in freeplay during the whole day. Mainly Tekken and FifaWe will have mini-tournament
  2. Nintendo Switch
    The Ninento Mauritius Group will provide the following games: Just Dance, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Fifa 19 etc
  3. Retro Gaming
    A Retro Gaming stand will be available for those nostalgic of the good old times. Games such as Donkey Kong, Contra etc will be available on Super Nes and Arcade style booth
  4. Table Top Games
    This section will be entertained by Board Gamers Mauritius ( BGM ) on Different Board Games ( Advance Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, WarHammer 40K )- A new Mauritan game will be presented “Rougaille Dodo”
  5. Yugioh
    A Yugioh Tournament organized by Adilsons  will be held, winners will get Yugioh trading cards.


A videogame is fun to play but the fun is built on hours of work. Great games are built by solid knowledge. Cosmau Con bring for the 1st time the other side of the Game; the work / Education part. This year we will have 2 education provider :

  • PW Labs : A local training provider backed byPanda & Wolf Holding
  • Full Sail University : an online training university which specialize in gaming/animation


We will have the following stands related to Japanese Culture.

  1. Origami with Nim's Origami Association
  2. Sumi-e ( Japanese Ink Painting ) by Xavier DE LAPEYRE
  3. Japanese Language Introductory Lessons by Mr Sunkist KUNDOMAL
  4. Ikenana ( Japanese Floral Arrangement ) by Mrs Chantal CHUNG
  5. Gunpla & Model Kit Community will be showcasing their talents with the display of fully build and customized Gundams. A building contest will be held and winners will get prizes for best built ( Beginners & Advanced)



We will have a big Star Wars Expo from a private collection. The exposed items will be composed of original actions figures and toys from all trilogies.


Pop culture can be found through an artist’s expressions or product sold by companies. We have artists and companies who will promote pop culture through different mediums.

The following artists will be present:

  1. Sabrina THIERRY - Plush Toys and Keychains
  2. Cedric SOUKHET - Drawing
  3. Fabrice ARMEL - Drawing
  4. Deviani GHOORHOO - Drawing
  5. Julien OOZEERAULLY – Portrait
  6. Emilie FRANCOISE - Pixelart
  7. Christelle BARBE – Manga
  8. Wesslay CHACRIYA – Painting on shirts and canvas

The following sellers will be present:

  1. Adilsons – Anime Store & Trading Card Games
  2. X Gen - Games and Goodies
  3. Edition Le Printemps - Manga and Comics
  4. Bookcourt Ltd - Manga and Comics
  5. Gros Calin Ltd – Art supplies
  6. 101 Multimedia Ltd – Funko Pop / Goodies
  7. Digital Point Ltd – Figurines & Action Figures
  8. Aether Wolf Ltd – Cosplay materials

If you want to attend the event you can purchase the tickets online here

Call on 52528233 if you have any issues with your online Cosmaucon ticket purchase.

Alternatively, you can buy them at the following places:

Port Louis - Best Optical - 52928906

Bagatelle - Strike City - 52558200

The tickets are currently being sold at Rs400 but it will be Rs500 at the door. So, make sure to make this 25% discount

So here is a recap of the activities:

Note that throughout the day there will be various quizzes and Adilsons will sponsor some of them. If you win, you can get 1 trading card game booster pack.

And have this map ready to visit our stand, G5 for Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament

While this is the first Cosmaucon event, Adilsons has participated in previous events like those namely the Animenext. Previously we have held Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments and quizzes.

This time, here is what we will do

Anime store pre-opening

We will bring some anime merchandise that will be available in our upcoming anime store. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Come and check us out on the 13th Dec at Henessy Park Hotel

Jeremy Cup

Our classic Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament, the “Jeremy Cup” which is open to all ages, just make sure you sleeved all your cards.

Time: 10.30am for on spot registration

Prize: Megatin 2020 to the winner 

Knockout or Swiss or League depending on amount of players. The tournament shall take place in Advanced format under the current TCG Forbidden & Limited List.

Following the end of time limit (40 mins), the new End of Match procedures shall be followed, with the game ending at the end of current phase.

Jenga Tournament

You win, you get 1 Jenga

Challenge our Champions

Ever want to test your dueling skills against the best duelist in Mauritius?

Well, they are waiting for you and if you beat them in a duel, you will get a Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster pack.

Moreover, we will organise Yu-Gi-Oh! trivia during the day and winners will get 1 booster pack from us.

So, make sure you come to visit us for this pre-opening. We will be delighted to see you; we are so excited and happy to see you that we will give you 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! card which you can redeem at the entrance. Yep, just like the below winners, you can get yours as well at the Cosmaucon:

Come to live your passion with Adilsons


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