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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.2.0) | Adilsons

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.2.0)

Ohayou! Ohayou! Ohayou! We're back with another segment of Mauritius News in the second iteration of the Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! This week's entry is all about Valentine's Week and what Adilsons was up to in order to please the more kinky sides of our otakus and weebs!

1. Naughty Cosplay!

Saturday the 13th was the day for a special delivery at Adilsons! We ordered sexy cosplays and lingeries in a particularly steamy arrival event just in time for our 18+ otakus to have their time to shine on their big day! 😏
Kudos to all who showed up and had a fun time picking out their preferred apparel! A special discord server was made to facilitate all the preorders and to showcase the wide variety of naughty merch we ordered for all your "ara! ara!" needs!

Keep on the lookout for more events like this! Your response this time was really encouraging for us all and we'll let you know when we have more events like this in the future! Until such a time, feel free to message us on any of our social media platforms and let us know what you want us to get you next! A reminder is also in place for March, which is when we'll have out next big delivery event for anime merch! Until then, you'll have to wait!

2. Anime Watch Party!

Let's face it, not everyone has a significant other to cuddle with on Valentine's Day. A lot of us don't even have body pillows either 👉👈... But you know what you have? Adilsons!

That's right folks! Adilsons arranged a special Watch Party on a dedicated Discord server to keep all our single otakus and weebs (although couples were more than welcome!) occupied for the entirety of the day; some of the best anime movies of all time aired throughout the day, right from 9.50AM to 15 mins past midnight, meaning there wasn't a single dull moment throughout the day!

Titles which were aired included MHA: Hero Rising, I want to eat your Pancreas, Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden, and other highly rated movies.
A big shoutout goes to all those who were there with us throughout the day! We were glad to have your company!

3. Tournament Rewards!
Adilsons' meme tournament for Facebook for the first half of February came to a close, with Nansi Louis claiming absolute victory for the meme tournamnet! Congratulations yet again, Nansi! We also announced the winner for our Instagram tournament directly on the platform for everyone to see their reaction! You can check it out over here!
Congratulations everyone, and remember- the giveaways aren't over just yet! Keep taking part and winning every month with Adilsons!

That's all for this week's Newsletter, minna! We'll catch you next time in the 3rd week of Feb to bring you more exciting details and developments on the local frontier! Until then, keep living your passion everyone!

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