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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! | Adilsons

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X!

Date Published: Sun 7th Feb, 2021

Ohayou Gozaimas everyone and welcome to the first publication of Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! While Mauritius news formerly used to be a segment in our "This Week in Anime" articles, we've been seeing so many developments locally that we just couldn't fit it into one little headline! From now on, you'll see all the local anime and entertainment news right here in the Adilsons Newsletter!

And boy do we have news for you this week! Let's roll right into it folks!


1. YAL 7: A League to Remember!
In case you're out of the loop, YALs (aka the Yugioh Adilsons League) are monthly events where we hold a competitive YuGiOh tournament at our shop and pit duelists in Mauritius at each other in a deathmatch of cards!

The 7th YAL was just recently held on Sunday, the 7th of February and brought us some really exciting matchups and a lot of clean, dueling action! (we say "clean" because Shadow Games and Millenium Items are absolutely forbidden!)

Congratulations are in order for Akhilesh Prayag, who placed 1st in the league! Well done, champion! You and your mechanical waifus stand on top for this League!


2. Contest Extravaganza!
If YuGiOh isn't your cup of tea, don't worry! There's a lot of action going on across all of our social media platforms that you can show us your otaku passion in!

Anime Meme Tournament (Facebook)
Our Anime Meme Tournament is going as strong as ever on Facebook! It's super simple: find an anime meme that makes you laugh, post it on our Facebook group and wait for the likes and laughs to roll in! The post with the most reacts wins whatever anime merch we're giving away plus a certificate of achievement for unlimited bragging rights!

Visit our Facebook group and show us what you got!

Instagram Contest!
The fun just doesn't stop on Facebook anymore! Adilsons presents yet another anime tournament on our Instagram page. Winning this one is even easier than the Facebook contest; all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps and you'll have a chance to win a Naruto Kunai!

For more details, check out our IG page:


TikTok Contest!
Time to put your TikTok skills on full display with our Adilsons TikTok contest!
More details can be found on our Tik Tok page:


Adilsons first Tiktok giveaway. How to win? Follow us, like this video and tag 3 of your Otaku friends in the comments. Let’s go ##adilsons ##mauritius

♬ Naruto Main Theme - Nico Bellisario

3. Get Kinky with Adilsons!
In case you've forgotten, Valentine's day is fast approaching and Adilsons is ready to show you some love on your big day! We have a special delivery coming up on the 13th of February.

Join our 18+ discord channel to see our offers!
No kids allowed! ✋

Here's the link. 😏


4. Discord Mania!
Our Discord server is brimming with life and has gained a lot of members! You can join the server here and take a visit to our channels for Pokémon Showdown and Duel Links to stay up to speed on all the happenings and upcoming touraments! We have a lot in store for you!


5. New Arrivals!
We'll be getting lots of new merch back in stock within the next 1-2 weeks, so better be ready for when they come! Here's some of our most demanded items which will be back in stock:

Duel Devastator!
A must for any competitive YuGiOh player; a toolbox for all your meta needs! Worth more as singles than as a product, there's absolutely no way you can go wrong with this!

Duel Overload!
A collection of some of the best and most sought after cards in the game! Widely regarded as one of the best YuGiOh products of all time, and it's easy to see why after you crack one open!

Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series!
A collector's dream! Legendary Dragons of Atlantis, Dark Magician support and a host of other classical strategies find their reprints in this series!

Pokémon Sword & Shield: Vivid Voltage!
Loaded with amazing VMAX Pokémon and chase mythical Pokémon (looking at you Xerneas and Rayquaza!), this is one of the best boosters ever released in the SW&SH era!


Yep, there's always something new coming up at Adilsons!

Remember our motto?
"Live Your Passion!"
We're taking otaku culture to new heights right here in Mauritius! See you next week with more news and developments!

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