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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.19)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.19)

Date Published: Fri, 23rd July, 2021

Ohayou one and all! Buckle up and sit tight for this week's newsletter folks, because we've got a fat stack of developments to bring you up to speed on! As cases of Covid rise by the hundreds every day, it's more important than ever before for us to find a way to pass the time as we enter our self-imposed isolation. Luckily, there's something for everyone this week and even more exciting developments in store for the weeks to come! Let's walk you through this week's big headlines.

1. Yugioh Raffle: Win an amazing Prize!

We'll kick things off with the biggest hype of all! Everyone who buys an Egyptian God Structure Deck stands a chance to win an exclusive playmat dedicated to these amazing Behemoths! There absolutely no hassle involved- all you need to do to sign up is buy a deck; we'll sign you up for the raffle ourselves! Keep an eye on our IG on the 31st of July, because that's the day we'll announce the winner of the coveted game mat! How close do you feel to the heart of the cards? Show your allegiance to the Divine Beasts of old and find out!

2. Yugioh Cards for Everybody: Lost Art!

Recieve a FREE Lost Art YuGiOh card with every purchase on sealed YuGiOh products exceeding 1500rs! That's right folks- to celebrate the recent upgrade of our OTS facilities and increasing recognition by Konami, this giveaway is now in effect while stocks last! Pick up your copy of some of the rarest cards in the game the next time you buy YuGiOh products at our shop! As little as 2 structure decks will qualify you for this prize! Make one of the structures a GODLY one and you'll also be signed up for the raffle mentioned above! There's no limits to how high your rewards can be; just remember that stocks are limited and run out fast!

3. Attention Duelists! Get Your IDs!

Keeping the theme of YuGiOh going strong here, we'd like to bring to your attention that any duelist registering at our shop in the future will be receiving a physical card to validate their Konami ID for future events! This card will uniquely identify your Cossy credentials for attendace at future events and give your setup a distinguished air of appeal. Duelists who have already registered are not eligible for the card, but rest assured in knowing that your data will continue to be supported on a fully digital basis. We'll bet you wish you had a card though!

4.  New Arrivals!

The fun never ends at Adilsons! We've replenished our stock with some real spicy products that were in high demand by the community! Feast your eyes on some of the hottest TCG products in store, including Legendary Decks 1, King's Court, Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series, MTG Kaldheim Commander Deck, MTG Ikoria Theme Boosters and much more, including deck boxes! Come and grab your goods fast, because they're running out just as quickly as they came in!

5. 5000rs Up For Grabs!

Bet that got your attention! It's true! Adilsons is happy to present you with an exclusive opportunity to advertise your art on our Instagram for FREE, a service that would otherwise empty your wallet by the thousands through other means of advertising. We've closely collaborated with several local artists in an attempt to help them gain recognition and develop a means to market their products and we'd like to extend this opportunity to you as well!

Gain an opportunity to promote yourself on our platform. If you are an artist who is running an Instagram account, send us your top 10 works of art and, we'll post some of on our Instagram to help you gain views for your effort! We will not charge you anything but know that this has a value of Rs5000 ($125) if you wanted to make such promotions on another Instagram account. If you are interested to avail this limited time offer, send in your submissions directly through this link

Be aware that Ashfaq sensei offers coaching opportunities for graphic designers and video editors as well. At the end of the day, if you manage to deliver, you are set to enlist your services on Fiverr. E-commerce videos can easily get you $25 to $75! To sign up for this service and to find out about more of the stuff going on behind the scenes at Adilsons, subscribe to our email today!

6. Clothing Exposition!

As regular readers will already be aware, one of the biggest events hosted by Adilsons is just around the corner- and you're invited! July the 31st is the day to circle on your calendar minna, as that's the day we'll be hosting our Clothing Exposition right in our shop on Harris Street! Get ready to see wearable otaku merch like you've never seen before! Head on over and enter August fully fitted with the most weeb-ish clothes you can lay your hands on!

7. Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!

Get your footwear in order folks: we're offering another opportunity for you to give us your specific measurements for shoes which we'll soon be stocking up on. Our ever-growing collection includes shoes themed on Naruto, Demon Slayer, One Piece, Attack on Titan and even more to come! Head on over to our IG and respond to our story to get your reservations in before it's too late! You can also feel free to message us for reservations, and we'll be happy to entertain your orders!

8. Adilsons roYAL Tournament Series!


We started this week's newsletter with YuGiOh and that's exactly how we're ending it! This is just a reminder for interested parties to sign up while they can for our next remote duel tourney scheduled for this Sunday. The tourney will be held between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM and all are invited to participate in the 7th edition of the roYAL series! Put your dueling skills on full display and show us what you got, duelists!

And THAT finally concludes this week's newsletter! We know it's a lot to take in, so take your time and let the epic developments sink in over the next few minutes! We'll be back next week with even more eye-opening news and updates on some contests which we have planned right around the corner! Also keep an eye out for a special article coming out soon, in which we'll give you a special look into some custom printing services which you can soon come to expect from Adilsons!!!

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