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Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.18)

Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! (v.18)

Date Published: Fri, 9th July, 2021

A great Friday morning to everyone reading this; we hope your day has been off to a good start, because it'll get even better by the time you finish this week's newsletter! We're brimming with exciting news and updates for you guys, so let's get right to the juicy stuff, shall we?

1. New Website in Store!

(Got the pun?)
We've recieved several questions from you guys regarding our online store and the fact that all the prices on it are listed in USD, so we'll take this opportunity to clear up the confusion: our online store was put in place to cater to the anime needs of our international customer-base, but due to the great demand now acting on us locally, we are in the process of creating an online store facility to cater to local customers as well! This is still a work in progress and is estimated to take a few months to achieve completion, so kindly bear with us until then! We are happy to answer any of your queries through our social media accounts, particularly Instagram! Feel free to reach out to us if you still have any doubts! Your local online platform is closer than you think!

2. Preorder Statuses

We have also noted an increase in the numer of queries regarding the statuses of your preorders, so we'll take this opportunity to clear those doubts as well:
•Preorders regarding the general anime merch which was previously listed in our shop are currently being placed, and you can expect to recieve your product(s) sometime August to September;
•Preorders concerning orignal/custom merch, as well as mangas are still being stalled as we attempt to source reliable suppliers for your products. Mangas are facing delays owing to what we've been told is an "unprecedented demand" being placed on those goods- guess everyone wants to read mangas right now!

We would advise patience, but that's not in keeping with the true weeb fashion, is it? Feel free to browse our local collection in the meantime and see if anything suits our fancy. We're sure you'll find something you like!

3. Personal Measurements for Clothing

At Adilsons, we aim to give you an experience like none other. One of the most unreliable aspects of purchasing goods online lies in getting the clothing measurements just right. For this purpose, we're offering you the chance to send us your custom measurements privately in order to match your clothing to a size most suitable to your comfort. This is a one-time entry from aimed at mitigating the need to repetitively enter your measurements for each purchase. Feel free to access it here.

4. Manga Stocklist

Our manga stocklist is now a simple click away for you to browse at your leisure!! You can access it here!

Interested in a title? Good!

Place your order here!

We've also sent out more information and links to other services we offer, including a link to Preorder anime merch, a link to check out our distibutors as well as a link to an exclusive Whatsapp Group for Original Merch Collectors! If you're interested in any of these, check your email for our newsletter or subscribe to our mailing service if you haven't already done so!

5. More stuff In the Works!

At Adilsons, we're always busy cooking up great new ideas to keep you guys happy and engaged. On this note, be advised that another clothing exhibition will be held at our shop on the 31st of July! There's more: we're currently thinking of bringing back the anime edit contest, but under a different set of conditions. More updates will follow in the weeks to come, so rest assured we'll keep you posted all the way!

6. Yugioh Results!

We aim to finish off this week's newsletter on the best note yet, so here goes! The following are the results of the various yugioh competitions held over the past few weeks:

You can check out our agenda for future tourneys below:

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is all we have for you this week! It's a lot, but it's all for you after all! Live your passion always with Adilsons!!

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