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Upcoming Product Highlight - Eternity Code | Adilsons

Upcoming Product Highlight - Eternity Code

The last booster set from Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains is set to arrive in TCG in June 2020. This was supposed to be in May 2020 but delay was expected due to a pandemic crisis. Anyway, even with the delay of the product, this set gets everyone excited. Let’s take a look at what is installed for us in this set:

New Support Cards
The booster set includes Accesscode Talker, the cover monsters for the set. The set also introduces a new @Ignister monster, “The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister”.  Accesscode Talker can destroy cards on the field by banishing link monsters from the graveyard while “The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister” can also destroy a monster on the field and create cyberse token.

A new Generaider boss card is also included in Eternity Code, “Hoárr, Generaider Boss of Thunder” along with “Loptr, Shadow of the Generaider Boss” Loptr can special summon a Generaider monster from the deck by tributing another Generaider monster. Hoarr forces opponents to send a monster card from their field or hand every time they add a card to their hand from their deck. Hoarr can also negate the activation of a card effect by tributing 2 Generaider or Spellcaster monsters.

Also included in the booster set are new support cards for the Deep Sea archetype, Deep Sea Artisan, Deep Sea Sentry, Deep Sea Minstrel, and Deep Sea Aria, and Deep Sea Princess Prima Donna. These are great additions to long existing WATER based archetypes like Mermails as their effects are triggered when discarded as a cost for the activation of a WATER monster.

Also found on the Eternity Code are new support cards for another WATER archetype, Marincess. These cards are Marincess Basilalima, which can add a Marincess Trap can from the deck by banishing another Marincess Trap card from the graveyard, and Marincess Great Bubble Reef, a Link monster that can draw cards from the deck by banishing monsters from the graveyard or field. The card is also capable of special summoning banished monsters by sending a WATER monster from hand to the graveyard.

Ancient Warriors will also get new support cards from the set like “Senka Herald - Zhang Yuan”, “Senka Schemer - Jia Wen”, “Senka Strategist - Zhuge Kong”, and “Senka Chief - Cao De”. Their effect triggers when you destroy a card on your opponent’s field. Their effects give you undue advantage as their high level monsters grant your Ancient Warrior monsters immunity from battle destruction and targeting card effects.

Sharks will also have a new bunch of cards in the booster set like Lantern Shark, Cutter Shark, and Valiant Shark Lancer. These new support cards work exclusively around xyz WATER monsters. Also, Valiant Shark Lancer sets up for the activation of Rank-Up Magic - The Seventh One when you have another WATER xyz destroyed on the field.

There will be also other new support for other archetypes in the game like Dragonmaid, Charmer, Evil Eye, Gouki, Infernoid, Invoked, Madolche, Megalith, Orcust, Salamangreat, Resonator, Thunder Dragon, Traptrix, and Gizmek. The TCG version of Eternity Code will include new support for the "Plunder Patroll" archetype.

New Archetypes
Coming from the Booster set are two new archetypes, Codebreaker and Nemesis. Codebreaker is an archetype that heavily plays around Link summoning. The effects of their link monsters are triggered when they are co-linked to another.

Nemesis on the other hand are monsters that work around banished monsters. Common strategy is to return banished monsters to the deck and special summon the Nemesis monsters from the hand. Their boss monsters are where things get deadly. They can sweep all monsters on the field based on the Monster Type or Attribute selected, and prevent special summoning of that selected Monster Type or Attribute. Also, the boss monsters are immune from card effect destruction which means, they are immune to their own effect.

Overall, the Eternity Code Booster Set is great and the cards here will greatly improve other already existing archetypes in the game. The new archetype looks promising also. Hope to see more support from them in the near future.

Eternity Code will be available here in Adilson on its release date. Stay tuned for the shop’s announcement regarding the upcoming booster set. Also, please take a look around for other Yu-Gi-Oh! Products.

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