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This Week in Anime #2 [Week 3, 2021] | Adilsons

This Week in Anime #2 [Week 3, 2021]

Ohayou gozaimasu fellow anime freaks! Adilsons brings to you our second weekly issue of Anime News to get you up to speed with all the major happenings in the anime communities worldwide!

Let's dive right into it!

The third week of 2021 has been a really busy one in the anime universe for many reasons with significant developments in almost every sphere of the anime community.

Here's your top 5 headline rundown:

1. The Shows Must Go On!

Last week's news brought you up to date on a lot of returning shows, but it's clear now that we've only touched the tip of the anime iceberg; even more shows have announced that they've picked up their momentum and are going to be releasing more episodes in the near future!

 •First up is The Seven Deadly Sins season 4 release (titled "Dragon's Judgment")! Episode 1 has already been released on the 13th, but the rest of the season is soon to follow. Although first projected to air in Fall of 2020, the 'rona had different plans for the rest of the world. For those of us who witnessed a certain *ahem* confession in the season 3 finale, season 4 is a very highly anticipated resolution to the cliffhanger.

•Next up is an entry we bet you weren't expecting: Log Horizon- Destruction of the Round Table! Only the most dedicated of anime fans will understand the significance of this news, especially after considering the fact that Season 2 of this anime aried way back in 2014! Of course, we can't say anything these days without giving a shout out to Corona-sama, who was singlehandedly responsible for postponing the release of this gem from October of last year to 2021. In fact, we need to rewatch the last season just to remember where we last left off! The good news is that season 3 already has 2 episodes out for double the viewing pleasure!

•Now here's an anime that we all needed right about now: Cells at Work! Although mainly enjoyed by biology and medical students, there has never been a better time for the rest of us to get in on the action that happens inside our bodies every single day to keep microscopic monstrosities in check than right now! Cells at work is exactly what its name says it is; an anime adaptation of all that's going on in your body to keep you alive to watch more anime everyday! Episode 1 of Season 2 is already out!

A darker version of this anime called Cells at Work: Code Black has also been released if viewers want something a bit more mature and more serious. Here's to hoping there's a corona massacre episode in there somewhere. 👉👈 

2. New Games!
"Anime games": everyone's two favorite words fused together to become something even more lovable.

This week has brought with it the release of several new entries in the anime gaming department (the best department in the history of departments fyi); the most notable entries follow:

Re:ZERO- Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam

Fans of Re:ZERO everywhere had great news to wake up to this week when they realised that a dubbed version of the game is set for release on the 29th of January!

In case you live under a rock, this anime is about a boy called Subaru who finds himself in a strange world with a girl who's next in line for a throne; he also realizes that every time he dies, he can go back in the past and attempt to fix his mistakes. That's essentially the premise of the anime and the game maintains the same story while giving it a fresh twist of its own.
Just know that in order to understand the storyline, you should have watched Season 1 of the anime. Here's the trailer:

We're so stoked for this release!

Shin Megami Tensei V
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Fans of the Persona franchise and other related games (Devil Summoner, etc) have much cause to celebrate this year with the upcoming release of this entry. Even though Persona 5 has wrapped up its storyline on many fronts, the worlds "Persona 6" have yet to be uttered by anyone on any substantial note. Until then, fans of the franchise can look forward to a sequel of the series that started off the whole Shin Megami Franchise. Although hinted at since 2017, no definite news was released about the status of the entry until late last year, when it was comfirmed that the fifth entry would be set for worldwide release in 2021.

Until more is revealed about this entry, here's the link to the trailer: 

 This is by far the most exciting news for us in this list!!

3. Too Much For TV

The next time someone tries telling you that anime is for kids, show them this news. An anime going by the name of Redo of Healer is making major waves in the anime community, but for all the wrong reasons. Similar to the massive outrage caused by the first episode of Goblin Slayer, this anime made a huge scene as soon as it was released due to the very questionable nature of its story. Episode 1 received a high maturity rating on many websites and the second episode has been outright banned in Germany on several streaming services and is unlikely to be aired there at all henceforth. Perhaps what makes this entry so shocking is the fact that despite the manga for this anime definitely not being appropriate for younger audiences, fans (can we really call them that?) were left utterly confused about how it could be adapted into an anime.
Clearly, there's a lot to be censored still. Tread carefully here, dear otakus. This anime stretches censorship regulations to their absolute thinnest.

( No. No pictures or videos for this one 😒) 

4. Japan's Horrors: Okiku!
One of the most well known horror stories in Japan makes its way to this week's news segment. Recent search trends on Twitter have revealed it to be a rather popular topic of discussion in 2021; why this is the case is beyond our knowledge, but we might as well as fill you in on the story!

Himeji castle may look like paradise but beyond the veil of its bountiful natural aesthetics lies a dark story.
The great samurai Aoyama who resided in this castle kept a collection of 10 plates which were very dear to him. In charge of cleaning and maintaining this collection was a maid by the name of Okiku.
Although she was very careful in her duties, it just so happened that she lost one of the dishes during a dish-washing session. No matter how many times she counted them, there was always one plate that eluded her.

When she reported her failure to her master, Aoyama was so thoroughly gripped by anger that he grabbed the maid and threw her down to her doom in the well on the estate. Okiku's screams were heard growing more and more dull as she fell- right up until the moment they stopped abruptly.
Her soul could find no peace with such a demise, and it is said that every night, she would climb to the top of the well, enter the castle and begin counting the plates.

One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine...
As soon as she would realise that the last plate was missing, a deathly scream would emanate throughout the cursed corridors of the castle, keeping all the castle's occupants awake throughout the night...
A Buddhist priest is said to have ended her suffering by finally putting her soul to rest.



5. Mauritius News!
There's a lot going on right here too; you just need to know where to look!

•The 6th YAL was held at Adilsons this Sunday! Congratulations are in order for Ritish Juggurnauth for placing first in this tourney! Here are the results:

As usual, you can also follow our matches live on our facebook page:

 •Get ready for the next tournament gentlemen; it isn't far off! 7th of February is the date for the next dueling extravaganza!

•The monthly anime meme tournament on the Adilsons' Facebook page is still in full swing! Just keep in mind that you have until the 31st of Jan to submit your entries before we pick this month's winner! (After that, we'll start a fresh meme tournament for the month of Feb!)

Online Tournaments are coming!!!
By end of February, we will launch Pokémon tournaments on Showdown and a Yugioh tournament on Duel Links!
Bet that got your attention!

More details will be communicated soon.

•Exclusive offers. The details you have all been waiting for will be communicated tomorrow the 26th Jan 2021. 

Until then, feel free to check out our website for other articles and have fun browsing through our online collection of anime merch and see if anything suits your fancy!

Till next week, keep living your passion fellow otakus, weebs and duelists!


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