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The Sacred Beast Deck in the New Age of Yu-Gi-Oh! 1/2 | Adilsons

The Sacred Beast Deck in the New Age of Yu-Gi-Oh! 1/2

Today, we’ll look at the latest structure deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! The “Sacred Beasts of Chaos” . This is a two-parts article as there’s so much things we could discuss about the archetype.

The Roots of the Sacred Beast
The Sacred Beast first debuted on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime as Kagemaru’s deck. They were sealed under the Duel Academy because they were said to bring catastrophe when they are released. They were later used by a possessed Marcel Bonaparte in the later season. The Sacred Beast became a legitimate playable card on Shadow of Infinity.

Retro-Playability of the Sacred Beast
Each member of the Sacred Beast has a deck that circulated around them. For example, an Uria-Based deck was built composed of plenty of floodgate cards that stuns opponents. Most common cards that were used were “Metal Reflect Slime” and “Mistake”. “Magic Planter” was used as a draw engine for this kind of deck.

Hamon-Based decks were commonly used along with Gem Beasts. With Gem Beasts’ ability to become a continuous spell card on the field when they are destroyed, Hamon’s condition of summoning becomes easy. Also, the deck can pack a punch even without Hamon due to the Gem Beasts’ feasible gameplay. Therefore, the deck doesn’t really rely on Hamon as it’s winning condition.

Raviel wasn’t really much a popular choice among the members of the Sacred Beasts. This is because his summoning condition is rather more difficult to achieve compared to the other two. Cards like “Phantom Skyblaster” and “Fires of Doomsday” were the common backbone of Raviel-based decks.

Armityle-based deck just didn’t work out during the past since it’s summoning condition was way too difficult. The three sacred beasts need to be on your side of the field in order for Armityle to be fusion summoned properly. You have a better chance of summoning “Gladiator Beast Heraklinos'' than “Armityle the Chaos Phantom”.

New Support for the Sacred Beast
New supports are now available for the Sacred Beast  to fasten their summoning. Fastest pattern I can see is the one-card combo “Dark Beckoning Beast” which guarantees you a sacred beast on your field, provided the combo does not get negated. The combo starts at normal summoning “Dark Beckoning Beast”. Then, activate its effect by floating “Dark Summoning Beast” to your hand. With the additional normal summon you get from “Dark Beckoning Beast”, you can tribute summon the “Dark Summoning Beast” you added earlier, using the “Dark Beckoning Beast” as a tribute. Then, using “Dark Summoning Beast” effect, you get to summon a Sacred Beast from your hand or deck. Downside is that you won’t be able to attack the turn you used this effect. On the bright side, you can banish “Dark Summoning Beast” from your GY to float a Sacred Beast to your hand.

Another way of easily summoning a Sacred Beast is through “Chaos Summoning Beast”. Just like “Red Eyes Black Chick”, you can tribute “Chaos Summoning Beast” to summon a Sacred Beast from your hand. “Chaos Summoning Beast” then can float “Fallen Paradise” to your hand by banishing it from the GY. It is notable to mention that “One for One” can summon “Chaos Summoning Beast” from your deck.

Other notable support for this archetype is “The Seven Spirit Gates Unleashed” and “Fallen Paradise”. “The Seven Spirit Gates Unleashed” serves as the most reliable floater in the archetype. This is definitely a MUST-HAVE. Not only it floats a “Sacred Beast” card to your hand, but it also serves as your continuous “Monster Reborn” for your summoning beasts. “Fallen Paradise” serves as your protective coating for your Sacred Beast. It also gives you a draw boost, a continuous “Pot of Greed” as you would like to look at it.

In the next part of this article, we’ll talk about the possible decklist and gameplay for a “Sacred Beast” deck, as well as if the other new support cards for the archetype is viable or playable for the deck.

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