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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba | Adilsons

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

As you may have already noticed, we are posting different articles; all the articles are related to manga and anime but, in some cases, we talk about trending anime and in others we talk about anime that are up to four decades old! Yes, I know, it is not easy to find those old ones. The newest anime you can find easily and, in some cases, even running today on different online streaming platforms and you can watch them on-the-go. This is fantastic given that most likely there will be no spoilers and you can watch the show being surprised at all times. In other cases, talking about older anime, it will be more likely for you to be spoiled regarding some minor or even major events, hence, you must be weary as to not to surf the web and avoid spoilers at all costs. You may be wondering, why am I reading about these old anime with not-so-good graphics (to say the least) and that are not presented in HD full-screen? Well, the reason is simple: anime like Macross, Robotech, Saint Seiya and others have been a turning point in previous generations of viewers. The same applies for very famous anime like Evangelion and others. As mentioned above, one of this such anime is Saint Seiya which is undergoing a remake right now and is being aired on Netflix. The story, characters and some other things change, but both of them are completely enjoyable nevertheless.


Credits to Koyoharu Gotoge, all owners of the anime, manga, movies, and more, and to all other owners related to this image.

Now let’s jump straight to the anime that we are talking today: Demon Slayer. This is very popular and trending, there is a large audience of this show and fans love it. After reading this I am sure that you will find it interesting and that you will most likely watch the show. So, without any further ado, let’s start talking about it:
Demon Slayer is a story created by Koyoharu Gotoge, being published in 2016 and having an anime premiere in April 2019, managing to surprise with its first season, which has just ended and is worth highlighting because it is so essential not to lose track of it.

The story is chronologically located during the Taisho era, which lasted from 1912 to 1926. Here the protagonist is Tanjirou Kamado, a boy who dedicates himself to sell coal with the sole purpose of financially supporting his family (quite a responsibility if you ask me). Unfortunately, one day when he returned from work, he discovered that his family was attacked and killed by a demon, and, while she mourns the death of his family, he discovers that his sister Nezuko had a chance of survival, and, to his bad surprise, she has become a demon herself. There is still hope nevertheless because thanks to his meeting with a murderer of Demons called Giyu Tomioka, he discovers that Nezuko still has memories about Tanjirou and her family, which makes her not attack her brother.

Tomioka recommends our hero to look for the person responsible for the death of his family, thus becoming a Demon Killer himself; our protagonist accepts promising revenge and finding a cure for his sister.

Credits to Koyoharu Gotoge, all owners of the anime, manga, movies, and more, and to all other owners related to this image.

This is how the hero's journey begins. At first it sounds like the typical shonen with the clichés that this genre usually has, but episode after episode you will discover how little by little this story shines with its own light. Initially, it should be noted that the anime does not give rest for it constantly goes through interesting, emotional, and, above all, action-packed situations, improving as the story progresses. The plot shows congruence from the beginning, each detail is very well taken care of, the importance of the Demon Killers and the threat that these villains represent are explained. Each character that appears has a good construction and development, they are given their well-deserved importance, appearing at the right time and shining when the situation warrants it.

As soon as Tanjirou's adventures begin, this character connects with all the emotions he goes through, the desire to become a demon slayer, the sadness for the loss of his family and the great bond and affection he has with his sister. With them, they are accompanied by Zenitsu Agatsuma who has a cowardly personality, but who hides a great power that demonstrates after passing out during each battle. On the other hand, this Inosuke Hashibira with an aggressive personality who carries with him a mask of wild boar to hide his face is constantly looking for a fight, whether we are talking about demons or anything that represents a challenge for him. The inclusion of these characters enriches the plot, brightening the characteristics of each of them. We also have the pillars that are the highest-ranking demon slayer, on the flip side of the coin are the twelve moons representing the most powerful demons that are apparently commanded by the villain Mazan.

Another point to highlight is the great animation that it has, being enhanced by an excellent handling in the color palette, make both the initial scenes and those that have action look very well executed; at no time do you feel it fall, on the contrary, it is maintained and improved as each episode progresses.

Credits to Koyoharu Gotoge, all owners of the anime, manga, movies, and more, and to all other owners related to this image.
The anime is produced by Ufotable studios (Fate / Zero, Kara no Kyoukai) and directed by Haruo Sotozaki who has participated in projects such as Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Naruto and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. The music was composed by Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina.

Demon Slayer has the potential to become a major shonen within its genre, with its first season hitting the table against productions that are currently in vogue. The first season has everything, epic and emotional moments with which it is impossible not to get excited, with a solid plot and that also promises a lot, it has been confirmed that the production of a movie is on its way; this will continue with the events that the first season left, so it is definitely the opportunity for you to know all the mythology that this anime brings us, Kimetsu No Yaiba is a must-watch anime.

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