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Burst Of Destiny: Major Leaks, Big Reveals!

Burst Of Destiny: Major Leaks, Big Reveals!

Big news made its way around dueling communities this week as major spoilers regarding the upcoming Burst of Destiny core set hit several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Although Konami has been in the habit of partnering with select Yugitubers as a means of revealing their products early, this system was thrown into shambles as several unauthorized leaks found their way into widespread circulation and stole Konami's thunder. Join us as we reflect on the chaotic sequelae of events that marked the past week as one of the most controversial in YuGiOh history!

Sponsorship from Konami is a difficult partnership to earn and marks a pivotal milestone in the journey of any Yugituber's quest to fame and glory. With the release of Phantom Range in October of 2020, Konami has displayed an increasing interest in partnering with prominent YouTubers through sponsored week-long early reveal events where a different Yugituber is given exclusive insight into the construct of an upcoming set and has the privilege of sharing the news with their followers. It was planned to be no different for Burst of Destiny, but this reveal would be unlike any other that came before it.

What you're looking at is an image that started to make rounds on social media as early as October the 16th: two days prior to Konami's intended reveal for Burst of Destiny. Not only that, the nature of the reveal is unlike any we've ever seen before- conformation of all 5 starlight rare cards which reside within BODE. Given that Starlight Rares are typically 1 in every 1-2 cases, the mathematical likelihood of pulling 7 of them places the estimate of opened cases at anywhere between 7 and 14. It therefore stands to reason that the capital needed to facilitate a leak of such magnitude could only belong in the hands of a major supplier, casting suspicion on the chain of supply to OTS stores in general.

With its official OTS release not scheduled until November the 3rd, this leak happens to be one of- if not the earliest- leaks in the history of the TCG. The accuracy of the leak was quickly subject to scrutiny but the official set introduction posted by Konami on the 18th of October verified beyond any doubt the existence of Elemental Hero Stratos as a Starlight Rare. Does this confirm the rest of the cards as well? This certainly appears to be the case as far as opinions on the internet go. In case you are unable to identify the cards, we'll list out the unofficially confirmed starlight rares in BODE below:
Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous
Swordsoul Gramdmaster- Chixiao
Floowandereeze & Snowl
Evil☆Twin's Trouble Sunny

Another leak was quick to follow, revealing further support for the Beetrooper archetype which debuted in Dawn of Majesty. Two cards were revealed, both of which greatly compliment the deck and bolster the existing strategy. You can check them out below and see for yourself (bees can finally deal with backrow!):

Leaks aside, Konami's own partnered reveal for Burst of Destiny has removed a lot of doubts regarding what we can come to expect from the set. TheCaliEffect was the first channel to be partnered up for this release and revealed the rarity distribution for the Swordsoul archetype, which is as follows:
Secret Rares:
•Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous
•Swordsoul of Mo Ye
•Swordsoul Gramdmaster- Chixiao
Ultra Rares:
•Swordsoul Emergence
•Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign- Chengying
•Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan
*all other cards are SR/Commons

Anyone who pays attention to the way the YuGiOh market works can easily forsee that the cost of this deck core will easily be in excess of $500. Add to that the $100 you need to pay for Baroness de Fleur and the cost of yet another secret rare monster (that we'll reveal in just a bit!), the total cost of the deck with staples and other strategies can easily touch the $1000 mark, making this one of the most expensive decks in the history of YuGiOh!

Following up today was RevzCards with his own partnered video on all the free agents we can expect to see in BODE. Spread across 9 minutes of hype and excited banter were the reveals of the following cards and their rarities:
•Borreload Riot Dragon: Ultra Rare
•Heavy Interlock: Super Rare / Common
•Evil☆Twin's Trouble Sunny: Ultra Rare
•Zoroa, the Magistus Conflagrant Calamity: Ultra Rare
•Machina Ruinforce: Ultra Rare
•Destiny Hero- Destroy Phoenix Enforcer: Secret Rare
•Masquerade the Blazing Dragon: Ultra Rare
•Ad Libitum of Despia: Super Rare / Common

With 5 Secret Rares and 7 Ultra Rares already revealed, the entire set rarity distribution for Burst of Destiny is finally coming together and is halfway done! Be sure to eye MST.TV's channel tomorrow for reveals on the Floowandereeze archetype and what rarity spots we can expect these swarming aves to hold! Hopes are high that this will be a low rarity deck, but only time will tell just what the contents of Burst of Destiny really are; at this moment all we know is that Swordsoul is a budget player's nightmare!

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