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The Sacred Beasts in the New Age of Yu-Gi-Oh! 2/2 | Adilsons

The Sacred Beasts in the New Age of Yu-Gi-Oh! 2/2

In the previous part of the article, we looked at the history of the Sacred Beast and how they par in the real game, as well as look at the support cards given to them with the latest structure deck. Now, let’s look at how they can keep up with competitive gaming.

Basic Deck Content
Let’s just be honest here, there’s no way you’re going to have to start with this deck list without the staples. Staples are always a MUST-HAVE. I couldn’t imagine a deck surviving without staples. With that said, it’s an automatic x3 “Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring”, x3 “Effect Veiler”, x3 “Infinite Impermanence”, x3 “Solemn Judgment”, x1 “Harpie’s Feather Duster”, x1 “Raigeki”, x3 “Called by the Grave”, x1 “Imperial Order”, and x1 “Vanity Emptiness”.

That’s 19 cards already on the deck. Now, let’s make the best of the remaining 21 card slots. For starter, x3 “The Seven Spirit Gates Unleashed”. As stated previously, this is the most reliable floater of the archetype. It is definitely a MUST-HAVE. Next would be x3 “Dark Beckoning Beast”. This is a one-card combo. This could guarantee you a Sacred Beast on the field if left unchecked. Along with “Dark Beckoning Beast” would be x3 “Dark Summoning Beast”. Another archetype card that should be in the list are x3 “Chaos Summoning Beast” and x1 “One for One”. Maybe x2 “Fallen Paradise” since this is a card that is only useful when you have a sacred beast already on the field. “Raviel, Lord of Phantasm - Shimmering Scraper” x3 as the main star of the deck. I choose him over the other sacred beasts because he is more useful. “Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder” is the second choice for the deck. “Allure of Darkness” at maximum since most of the monsters on this deck are DARK attribute.

For Extra Deck monsters, there isn’t much to add here since this deck barely makes use of its extra deck. Maybe Link monsters with 2 or less links could be considered for this deck.

With all of that said, let’s look at what the decklist made so far:

Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - Shimmering Scraper x3
Chaos Summoning Beast x3
Dark Beckoning Beast x3
Dark Summoning Beast x3
Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring x3
Effect Veiler x3

The Seven Spirit Gates Unleashed x3
Harpie’s Feather Duster x1
Raigeki x1
One of One x1
Called by the Grave x3
Allure of Darkness x3
Fallen Paradise x2

Infinite Impermanence x3
Solemn Judgment x3
Imperial Order x1
Vanity Emptiness x1

Extra Deck:
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Knightmare Pegasus x1
Akashic Magician x1
Clara & Rushka, the Ventriloduo x1
Brute Enforcer x1

The Game Plan of the Sacred Beast
The winning condition of this deck is to overpower the opponent. The archetype offers neither negation effect nor destructive effects. All this archetype got is raw power. This is why this deck heavily relies on staples. Best possible scenario is to set up the field, summon a sacred beast, and then activate “Fallen Paradise”. From there on, keep attacking opponents hoping they lose before drawing something that could break the protective effect of “Fallen Paradise” and remove the sacred beast from the field. Make use of staples to prevent that from happening.

Other Support Cards of the Sacred Beast
While the archetype isn’t restricted to the build mentioned, it is also possible that you could mix the archetype with other decks. For example, a 60-card milling deck could be merge into to make use of the “Dimension Fusion Destruction” and special summon “Armityle the Chaos Phantom” or “Phantasm Emperor Trilojig”. Addition to this deck build is “Chaos Core” for milling effect and clutch defense.

Another card to take note is “Cerulean Sky Fire” and “Hyper Blaze”. You can swap the “Raviel, Lord of Phantasm - Shimmering Scraper” to “Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder”, as well as replacing “Allure of Darkness” with “Cerulean Sky Fire”. The deck then will centralize on overpowering with a little bit of a lockdown strategy. “Deck Lockdown” seems to be a great addition to this deck.

Alternately, replace “Raviel, Lord of Phantasm - Shimmering Scraper” and “Allure of Darkness” with “Uria, Lord of Searing Flames” and “Hyper Blaze” and you get a picture of a heavy-defensive play Sacred Beast deck. With this in mind, you have to remove some cards to make room for floodgate cards like “There Can Be Only One”

So, what do you think? Can Sacred Beast compete with the top tier decks in this New Age? Let us know in the comment section below.

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