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Weeb Team, the winning team of YAL 2019, has been thriving throughout the entire League, being on 1st place since the beginning of the tournament. Consisting of 4 members before the Transfer Season, and then 5, each team member has been performing well, if not being among the Top 10 of the day.

Team Members

Captain: Shafeeq Nabeebaccus

Deck(s): Masked HERO

Final Individual Rank: 6th

Score: 109

“I’m so proud of my teammates just like how a father is proud of his sons. I was worried that my team would’ve lost like how it went last year (YAL 2018, Dark Legacy). This time, we didn’t mess up, and we won thanks to the efforts of my friends, my teammates. They’re all great people,” – Shafeeq 2019

I have been playing with Masked HERO since 2017, and I didn’t really have enough money to spend on my deck all at once. Instead, I collected all the cards needed, little by little, up to the point wherein 2019, I now not only have almost all cards needed for this deck, but also the knowledge required to play competitively with it.

It’s a really fun and competitive deck, winning me many Rounds very quickly with its huge OTK potential and Control-ish boards first turn. From having monsters like Dark Law, Plasma and Dystopia, that hinders your opponent’s combos, to having enormous beatsticks and ATK boosters such as Trinity, Dread Decimator and Honest Neos, Masked HERO has a plethora of ways to play with. It’s consistent, despite having been hit on the banlist several times (Poor Malicious). As for its variety of weaknesses, board wipes, handtraps and floodgates, the side deck and other handtraps come in as an extra layer of protection, which made my deck different from other HERO decklists online. I rarely ever played a 40 card deck HERO because of how consistent the combos are easily achieved, though I brick sometimes with double or triple Malicious in hand, or double Increase, or just Spell Cards that do nothing on their own (Mask Change, Polymerization).

I didn’t have the Evil HERO package at the time, being ultra-expensive for just 2 cards that are quite powerful. This is the only thing I hate about this deck; the price of the cards that are an absolute must for competitiveness. However, I do understand why the deck is expensive. The HERO players who topped and/or won regionals and locals outside Mauritius are enough proof.

New supports kept coming in like crazy, which boosted the older variants of my deck and changed my deck’s strategies and structure completely. From Rank 4 spam with Rafflesia, to the Isolde variant with Summon Sorceress, Naturia Beast and Topologic Gumblar Dragon, it has achieved pure HERO in 2019 with the introduction of Crossguy, Fusion Destiny, Faris and Increase. Even in 2020 we now have Liquidman and Sunriser.


Team Member: Didier Luidalam

Deck(s): Infernoid, Thunder Dragon

Final Individual Rank: 3rd

Score: 113

“I’m really happy for having a permanent entry for Grand Championship. Didn’t get to take 1st place, but I still scored a lot,” – Didier 2019

His main reason to play with Thunder Dragon was because of Colossus. Being such a powerful Fusion Monster that’s brought out easily, Colossus has been the bane of many decks that focus on adding cards from deck to hand, except by drawing. Banishing is their strategy, and Dimension Shifter is what boosts this deck, even more, all the while ruining the opponent’s combos if they rely on the GY.

The deck is really consistent on bringing their boss monsters, and even if it does brick, sometimes 1 Colossus is enough as final board turn 1. Going 2nd, the deck has many strong Main Deck Monsters with high ATK, and Titan can potentially clear the opponent’s board, one card at a time.

The only problem this deck has is most of its monsters are easily cleared off the field by Super Polymerization. The deck consists of a lot of Dark Monsters and Fusion Monsters, which made Starving Venom Fusion Dragon or Predaplant Dragostapelia 2 good Super Poly targets going against this deck. Imperial Iron Wall and Artifact Lancea were also the cards that could end a Thunder Dragon player’s turn.

Now with Colossus banned in 2020, Thunder Dragon is somewhat still playable as “Titan Control”. Dimension Shifter is still a powerful card going against most decks in Adilsons, which makes Thunder Dragon still a viable deck to play with now.

Team Member: Kevin Jean-Louis

Deck(s): Lost World Dino

Final Individual Rank: 7th

Score: 101

“I think I started playing since 2016 with Dinos. Failure after failure, and brick after brick, I was playing 10 to 12 handtraps, and I managed to ameliorate the deck. I feel like I’ve performed very well in the end. I also didn’t miss any event, boosting my final score,” – Kevin 2019

He played with Lost World Dino for 3 years, and he likes the deck a lot. Lost World is such a crazy field spell that would mess up many strategies of other decks. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno is sometimes enough to get through most monsters and go for an easy OTK.

The deck also has Rank 4 spam ability with Oviraptor, Miscellaneosaurus, and Giant Rex to make Laggia and Dolkka for negations, Tornado Dragon for back row removal, Abyss Dweller against GY heavy decks, Dugares for OTK and even Cowboy for games. The deck also has access to Naturia Beast thanks to Reprodocus, and also Chanbara for even more OTK.

Overtex and Pankratops are easy to bring for grind games and spot removal respectively. Double Evolution Pill can bring Pankratops or Tyranno at the cost of banishing from hand or GY, 1 Dinosaur and 1 Non-Dinosaur, which so happens to be 1 of any handtraps, creating this synergy with Dinos and handtraps.

Team Member: Dylan Montille

Deck(s): Prank-kids, Cyber Dragon, Cyber Dragon Orcust

Final Individual Rank: 12th

Score: 76

“I don’t really know what to say because the others have already said everything. I didn’t worry too much for the last day of YAL 2019, but instead I was worried about which deck to play with. We were already leading since the start of YAL 2019,” – Dylan 2019

Prank-kids is a really great deck among the meta of Adilsons. He would usually bring 9 points for each event with this deck. It ranges from summoning a lot of Fusion and Link Monsters with extremely useful effects (Protection and Destruction), to burning and gaining LP for games during the last 2 or 3 minutes of a Round. It can also easily adapt to play through many of the opponent’s strategies and disruptions.

As for Cyber Dragon Orcust, Orcust variant was the meta back then. Combined with Orcust’s negations, disruptions and 1 card combos, Cyber Dragon Orcust could easily OTK through many if not all decks. It could even hold against pure Cyber Dragon. Sadly, Knightmare Mermaid got banned a few weeks later and he had to go for pure Cyber Dragon again since 1 card Orcust combos got put to a halt. He still likes pure Cyber Dragon, with its dangerous capability of dealing more than enough damage and destruction with only a few cards in hand.

Team Member: Anas Ramjaun (Recruit of mid-season transfer)

Deck(s): Sky Striker

Final Individual Rank: 18th

Score: 39

“I’ve already said I would join the winning team. But I think that it wouldn’t have made any difference if they chose another one during Transfer Season. Well I did score a few points for the team, but in the end, the others in my team were the ones to make a difference,” – Anas 2019

He played Sky Striker because no one could afford it, and of course, also because of Raye. Having played for over 1 and a half years, he tried multiple variants of Sky Striker, and the only variants he liked were Pure Striker and Trickstar. “Raye is strong and can handle all her stuffs,” Anas stated.

The deck is control based, and being a combo player in the past with Lightsworn and World Chalice, where he used most if not all of his resources turn 1 for a threatening board, this was his first time playing with a control deck. He had fun with it, and it required him a lot of grey matter to carefully think about his plays 2 or 3 turns later.

The Sky Striker cards themselves are really powerful. Engage and Widow Anchor were the MVPs of the deck. Multirole is really good for recovery in the pure variant of Sky Striker, sometimes even starting from 1 card in hand and no other cards on the field, to end with 5 cards in hand and 5 set Spell Cards on his field a few turns later (Is that legal?). As for offense, Hayate is best with her direct attacks when Borrelsword isn’t around to help him OTK. The only problem is that he tends to brick with a supposedly consistent deck and draws 5 handtraps turn 1.

His ratings for the deck were:

Recovery – 5/5

Tempo – 2/5

Aggressiveness – 3/5

Consistency – 5/5

OTK – 3/5

Overall – 5/5 because of Raye

Slifer for meme!

Weeb Team has been really successful throughout the entire year thanks to the amazing performance of each and every single team member in it, contributing to an unstoppable team and ultimately, winning YAL 2019. Long Live the Weeb Team! OwO


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