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Grand Championship 2020 + Prize Giving Ceremony | Adilsons

Grand Championship 2020 + Prize Giving Ceremony

Adilsons is immensely proud to host the first-ever Prize Giving Ceremony, in conjunction with its annual Grand Championship on Sunday 19th July 2020.

The Prize Giving Ceremony will reward the best duelists from 2019 Dueling Season, who have etched their name in Adilsons' history books. Special surprises await Nationals winners, YAL winners, Grand Champions and more.

The 5th edition of Grand Championship will once again reunite the elite group of duelists, who are proven permanents invitees each year. A special challenge (see rules below) await all these duelists this year and before dueling it out, they will have a deck building challenge to solve in order to claim the coveted Grand Championship 2020.

The Championship shall consist of all previous Grand Champions, previous National champions, all previous Yugioh Adilsons League (YAL) Winners and any exclusive Temporary Invitees (if any). The following players will soon receive their invites, following their past exploits:

I. Irfan Joomun - Two-time Grand Champion in 2016 & 2017. Winner of 3rd Nationals. Ultimate Duelist 2016.
II. Oomar Hingun - Winner of 4th and 6th Nationals. Winner of YAL 2017. Ultimate Duelist 2017.
III. Anas Ramjaun - Winner of 1st Nationals.
IV. Julien Coulon-Assame - Winner of 2nd Nationals
V. Dimitri Grondin - Winner of 5th Nationals.
VI. Nehan “Jackk” Degumbur – Winner of 7th Nationals. Ultimate Duelist 2018.
VII. Krishnand “Kris” Luximon - Winner of YAL 2016.
VIII. Shaheed “Khalil” Mahangeer– Grand Champion in 2018.
IX. Arjun Mayput – Grand Champion in 2019.
X. Ritish Juggernauth – Winner of 8th Nationals.
XI. Didier Luidalam – Highest scorer from Team Winner of YAL 2019.

Participation Fee

A participation fee of Rs. 350 will be required before start of tournament. Two booster packs of latest booster packs will be given to all participants. You are required to reach at 09:30AM for the decklist submission and deck check by the Judge.
Interviews, Feature Matches and Deck Profiles will be scheduled for the day, along with ceremony of the Prize Giving.
All members from The Weeb Team (YAL 2019) are requested to be present for the Prize Giving Ceremony.


• The tournament shall take place in Highlander Advanced format (all cards at 1) under the current TCG Forbidden & Limited List: This means all cards from Main Deck, Side Deck and Extra Deck are at 1 copies max. Banned cards stay BANNED!
• Only original cards will be allowed in the tournament. OCG cards will be allowed. High copies, proxies and oricas are not allowed and shall lead to immediate disqualification.
• All cards used for dueling must be placed in card sleeves. Sleeves must not have been marked, modified or tampered with. To avoid time wasting, please use the same sleeves for your Main Deck and Side Deck. Extra Deck sleeves are up to personal preference.
• All players are requested to bring their extra accessories which they may require for their duels (Dices, Tokens, Coins, Notepad, Field Center, Playmat ect..)
• A Match duel will consist of 40 minutes. It is the responsibility of players to keep track on the time limit.
• Following the end of time limit, the new End of Match procedures shall be followed, with the game ending at the end of current phase. For more clarification, please check the new End of Match procedures if you are not familiar to it:
• As per recent Covid-19 protocols, facemask are to be worn by all players. Gloves and hand sanitizers are advised.

The event is also open to all spectators and Yu-Gi-Oh fans who wish to see epic duels between these duelists, as well as see dear friends being rewarded at the Prize Giving Ceremony. Adilsons Shop would like to thank all its loyal customers over the years for their support. Good Luck all the participants and may the best duelist prevail as Grand Champion!

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