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Yugioh Oct to Dec Product Extravaganza!

Yugioh Oct to Dec Product Extravaganza!

It's approaching the middle of October and Konami's product lineup for the last quarter of 2021 just so happens to be one of the most jam-packed we've seen in the past millennia! A variety of products catering to vastly different needs of the dueling community are being released in rapid succession and it is only natural to find yourself in bewilderment at the sheer volume of the card influx that awaits us. Adilsons is here this week to break down Konami's agenda into bite-sized pieces that'll help you prioritize your purchases and plan your budget in anticipation of which products best suit your dueling need! That said, we'll be taking a chronological approach by release date to all these products so it'll be more convenient for you to plan your purchases accordingly!

15/10/21: Structure Deck Cyber Strike

The first Structure Deck worth a damn after the release of Mechanized Madness hits shelves tomorrow and it's definitely an entry worth considering for players of any niche in the game: competitive & casual players and collectors will have much to write home about once they crack open this bad boy! With new cards that actually work well with the existing "Cyber" strategies and great reprints for highly sought-after cards, Cyber Strike is a structure that goes all out to remind the playerbase of just how good pre-constructed decks can be! While it's no Shaddoll Showdown or Rise of the Monarchs, it's easily capable of holding a candle to any structure in the game's history!

Cyberdarks recieve both new names and consistency support in the form of Cyberdark Chimera and Cyberdark Realm, which offer both searching power and greater ease of summoning the Extra Deck behemoths for a quick and overwhelming victory! The inclusion of budget reprints for Cyber Dragon Herz and Nachster also make Cyber Dragons one of the most accessible decks on a low budget, as the entire core of the deck is now available on a $30 price point! Leave $10 for Nova, Megafleet and Infinity and the deck's all but complete! Oh and don't worry, we'll address the elephant in the room now- Infinite Impermanence will now be accessible to everyone as a guaranteed Super Rare pull! What's not to like about this structure?!

With the release of the Tins of Ancient Battles just behind us and meta decks like Dogmatika, Drytron, Phantom Knights and Virtual World becoming increasingly accessible on low budgets, it's only matter of time before everyone gets bored of facing the same decks for two years and start clamoring for newer strategies to reinvigorate the dueling scene! The first booster to inject some novelty into the current cardpool is none other than Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm!

29/10/21: Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm

Legendary Duelists sets are boosters aimed to cater more to the casual than the competitive side of the game, breathing new life into existing strategies of fan-favourite decks to keep them competent and fun to play as the rest of the game evolves as well. Synchro Storm does so on three fronts and breaks the existing notion that Legendary Duelist boosters are a casual-only product. In addtion to bringing in new cards for the Speedroid, Fleur and Lyrilusc archetypes, Synchro Storm debuts one of its cards as an exclusive Ghost rare!

Following Konami's early box opening event on YouTube, the full contents of the set are now out for everyone to see and the identity of the Ghost Rare has been revealed to be the Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, the new boss of the Speedroid strategy! Whether or not this will make a competitive impact parallel to Crystal Wing remains to be seen, but the new boss for the Fleur strategy certainly holds promise! Baronne de Fleur is the first generic lv 10 Synchro monster worth running and will become a staple in the upcoming Xiangjian strategy!

05/11/21: Burst of Destiny

Speaking of Xiangjians, Burst of Destiny releases less than a week after Synchro Storm and quickly offers those fortunate enough to pull Baronne a spot in what's gone to become one of the most meta-relevant decks in the OCG. Capable of spewing out lv 8 and 10 synchros like nothing, the Xiangjian strategy revolves around Wyrm monsters which summon tuner tokens to go into powerful Synchro monsters such as Psyframelord Omega, Adamancipator Risen- Dragite and Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend, in addition to their own boss monsters! Capable of 1 card synchros, this deck is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the most powerful decks to come out in 2021!

A close contender for second place is the Flundereeze archetype, a group of Winged Beast monsters that hate Special Summoning and love making your opponent rage quit! Think of them as Monarchs but much more consistent! Currently a rogue deck in the OCG, their much more oppressive influence in the faster-paced TCG's playstyle makes them a greater threat on this side of the Pacific! How dangerous this deck will be remains to be seen, but early playtesting has revealed great success against the current meta!

Last- and certainly the one your opponents will be least likely to enjoy- comes the new Destiny Hero boss in the form of Destroy Phoenix Enforcer! An easy to summon and hard to kill level 8 which wreaks havoc via non-targetting quick-effect destruction each turn, Phoenix has been touted as the new generation Dragoon, and the engine required to get him out actually offers a potential draw 2: something the 2 garnet counterpart for Dragoon cannot boast!

19/11/21: Maximum Gold- El Dorado

Certainly one of the best-kept secrets since Ghosts from the Trash, little is known about Maximum Gold: El Dorado aside from its continued legacy of introducing the new Gold Rarity and a promise to include the coveted I:P Masquerena in its cardpool. If past Gold sets are anything to base our anticipation on, however, El Dorado just might turn out to be one of the best products to come out this year- if not the best one itself! Once November rolls around, all eyes will fall on El Dorado as two great questions will come to everyone's minds:

•Is Accesscode Talker finally going to get its reprint here?

•What is the mystery Xyz Konami "with a mind-bogglingly huge ATK boosting effect" that Konami is taking about in the set description?

Only time will tell if we've struck gold in El Dorado!

03/11/21: Brothers of Legend

The last set of 2021 and the latest chapter in the Battles of Legend series, Brothers of Legend follows the trend of obscurity that these sets are notorious for. Imports from the OCG's Animation Chronicle will characterize the bulk of this set, but as far as reprints go, little is known of its contents aside from the coveted Forbidden Droplet getting its second print here! Rumors have also circulated about the possible inclusion of Accesscode Talker here, but these remain speculations at best and there is, at the time of writing, no confirmation on the matter. It would, however, be a thematic inclusion as the BoL sets are known to reprint expensive meta-relevant cards (think of Borrelsword and Topologic Gumblar for Link 4 examples)!

Other than definitive support for the Kuriboh Archetype in the form of the Kuriboh Brothers, not much is known about BoL at this time, but we'll keep you posted on any updates that follow!

Now that you've been brought up to speed with the plan for 2021, which of these products do you have your eyes on? Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for opening, as we'll be unsealing most of these products in time!!!

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