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xxxHolic – Trending Anime that Everyone Should Watch

Another CLAMP masterpiece, with characters so charismatic that it's impossible not to get hooked! Do you happen to know what the best part about this show is? Well, it is that it has already finished! This means that you can binge watch it and you don’t have to wait for the next, and the next, and the next season. To be honest, waiting for future seasons really bugs me; do you feel the same? This is why, personally, I believe that this is one of the best aspects of the anime.

xxxHolic tells the story of Watanuki Kimihiro, a young student who has the gift of seeing and attracting spirits. While being attacked by one of those entities from beyond, Watanuki desperately enters Ichihara Yuuko's tent. This plot is quite interesting given that it tosses at us an interesting question: do you believe in spirits and in being able to contact them? There are people who think it is possible and those who don’t. This aside, as I said before, just a few lines above, it is a very interesting plot that will get you addicted to this anime. This is one of the best shows that you will see. It is in the number one spot in several lists and, as if that were not enough, it is highly popular in the US. Not only will you be entertained by the story but you will also be able to find people who are either watching it or that have already watched it. You can talk and discuss every single aspect of this manga! This is quite a nice topic of conversation if you ask me.

Yuuko's store is anything but normal. She has the ability to make "dreams come true". Watanuki wishes to stop seeing spirits, but as payment for Yuuko to fulfill his wish, the young man will have to work in the woman's store. Have you ever heard the expression “be careful what you wish for”? This brings the plot to a whole new level. Have you ever desired with all your will, with all your heart to have wishes come true? In my personal experience, this is very true to me! Sometimes I would love to go back to the past either to find out about historic events, to change past events – like when I messed up real good – and, besides changing the past, I have wished for other things to come true either in the present or in the near future. How interesting it would be to have your wishes come true!

And it is there where we are "captured" by the wonder that is xxxHolic! Each episode features a different client that Yuuko serves, dealing with themes that are inspired by legends and superstitions typical of the Japanese imaginary. We have seen other previous articles about Knights of the Zodiac, another trending show in the US that you can find and it is even playing on Netflix! Now, why is it that I bring this as an example? Well, because in this sense both shows deal with myths, legends, stories and other similar tales. In this case the anime portrays legends and myths that are popularly known in Japan and that belong to their culture. It is a nice way to learn new things and, at the same time, it is quite an excellent way to be entertained. Things do not always go as expected, as you can imagine.

And best of all (mainly for fans of CLAMP's work) and watch the crossover that xxxHolic does with Tsubasa: RESERVHO CHRONICLE, where both series share the same story. This is quite an interesting thing, there are many shows, anime and more that have a linear story that follows very closely the original manga and that, almost at the same time, and there is a spin-off that extends the story. Now, why do you think that this happens? Well, it is very simple. When you produce a spin-off of any show, anime or anything of the same sort, it is because the show it unbelievable good and that is tremendously popular. This is a very valid and true motive to watch this anime and, of course, it will get you hooked!

Obviously, we cannot forget Doumeki, a young man who becomes the "guardian angel" and perfect antithesis of Watanuki, and of the Mokona (who never dreamed of having a Mokona?). This is quite interesting given that it follows the tradition of the Japanese culture. There is the notion that each and every one of us has a guardian angel and that there are superior beings. This is super important because, otherwise, how could you be able to wish something and have it come true? How could you possibly be able of manifesting each and every thing that happens in the manga and anime?

In addition to the manga and anime, xxxHolic also has several episodes in OVA and a movie (Manatsu in Yo en Yume). This is fantastic! If there ever is a show that has spin-offs and, in addition, OVAS and movies, it is most definitely a good show! Imagine, you come up with the manga and it is so good that you decide to produce the anime. The manga and the anime are so good that you come up with the idea to make spin-offs.

They become so popular that you decide to extend everything and make OVAS, and, in addition to this, you even come up with movies! Now, I don’t know if you have given any thought to these notions but it will surely get you thinking. If you produce so much original and additional, non-canonic material, there is absolutely no way that the entire production is truly fantastic, trending and that it is located as number one in a large number of lists.
What do you think of this selection? Have you wanted to see any anime? So far we have spoken of Knights of the Zodiac and xxxHolic, but trust me; there are many more that are truly worthy of being in these articles, in this site and in these conversations and discussions. Leave us in the comments your list with the most interesting anime according to your opinion!

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