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When will One Piece End? | Adilsons

When will One Piece End?

Anime fans all over the world love One piece. One Piece has one of the biggest anime fandoms in the world. One Piece is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. Every piece fan always has one question “When will One piece End”, today we’ll talk about it.

When will One Piece End?

One piece fans must be aware of what Oda once said, Oda claimed that the time-skip of One Piece was the midway point of the series. This claim by Oda spanked the question of the end for One piece fans.

Oda about One piece ending

Again, in 2019, Oda said in an interview that One piece will end in the next 5 years. Now, in 2020, Oda said it again that it’ll take 5 more years for ONe piece to End.

So we can say according to Oda, One Piece will end in 2024-25.

About One piece anime:

One piece was first aired in 1999. One piece is one of the most popular anime in the history of anime. As of now 939 episodes have been aired. Episode 940 of one piece will be out real soon.

Trailer of the Wano Arc:

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