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Umibe no Étranger Boys-Love Anime Film Releases Trailer and Key Visual | Adilsons

Umibe no Étranger Boys-Love Anime Film Releases Trailer and Key Visual

The anime film of Kanna Kii's Umibe no Étranger (or the Stranger on the Beach) finally released its trailer and key visual for its upcoming theatrical release. The film's trailer began streaming on Thursday.

Production Crew Details : 

Akiyo Ohashi will be directing the anime film at Studio Hibari and taking on the position of screenwriter and storyboarder for the film. A former animator, Kii, will be in-charge of character designs and will, further, supervise the film. Mayumi Watanabe will serve as the chief animation director whereas Takashi Hashimoto will work as effects animation director. Composer and musician Mina Kubota (Aria the Animation, A Whisker Away) will compose the soundtrack for the film. The band, MONO NO AWARE, will perform the film's theme song "Zokkon" (From the Bottom Of My Heart) - a song composed specifically for this film. 

Cast Details : 

The main voice actors for the film are :
  • Taishi Murata as Shin Hashimoto
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Mio Chibana 
  • Yu Shimamura as Sakurako 

Plot : 

The story follows a high school student, Mio, who became an orphan at a young age. His neighbour, a gay aspiring novelist called Shin observes him on the beach for hours. While they grow close, their bond is severed by Mio's transfer outside Okinawa. After three years, Mio returns to the remote island of Okinawa to confront his feelings. 

Manga Details : 

Umibe no Étranger is Kii's debut manga which ran in Shodensha's On Blue magazine in 2013. Soon, Kii launched a sequel titled Harukaze no Étranger in On Blue in July 2014. In 2017, Shodensha published the third compiled volume. 
Sources: Umibe no Étranger's website, Comic Natalie

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