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Top 5 Anime of 2020 Which you Missed Out! | Adilsons

Top 5 Anime of 2020 Which you Missed Out!

Ah yes... 2020; the year that made our lives a literal "hide the pain Harold" meme. With threats of World War 3, massive forest fires and alien sightings confirmed by the Pentagon, all we needed was a global pandemic to really set the tone for something seemingly right out of the Joker's imagination.

Alas, but even as the world crashed, coughed and burned, our waifus were there for us when we needed them most; proof of the fact that sometimes rolling yourself into a blanket burrito, turning off all the lights in your room and doing nothing except watching anime is one of the most noble things a person can do.

2020 was the year of the weeps and the weebs, that's for sure. We hope you picked the winning side, but in case you didn't, we've compiled a list of the 5 best anime released in 2020 which you missed!


#5:  Tower Of God
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery
Episode Count: 13

An anime adaptation of the Korean comic (aka "manhwa") of the same name introduces us to a brillaint world of fantasy; the protagonist, a young lad by the name of Bam, mysteriously finds himself transported to an aptly named "Tower of God", which promises him anything and everything he wants should he manage to make his way to the very top.
The art style of this entry is totally unique and a stunningly fresh twist on the typical impression of anime in our generation. To top things off, the series employs a score set by Kevin Penkin (from Made in Abyss). With a steadily paced plot and brilliant world-building, this anime is something many will absolutely adore, weebs and casual audiences alike!


#4: Great Pretender
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Episodes: 23

Yes lads, the name of this title really is a reference to Freddy Mercury's song of the same name! In fact, the song is even used as the ending music for the episodes just to send the message home in case you weren't a diehard classical rock fan!
Taking a bold narrative, this anime is all about Makoto Edamura, aka the self-imposed "Japan's number 1 swindler", as he attempts to navigate an increasingly dangerous and convoluted heists and cons against the worst of Japan's society. If this sounds like Robin Hood so far, make no mistake; Edamura-san here isn't doing it to put money on anyone's table except his own!

While attempting to con who he assumes is just another person, Edamura bites of wayyyy more than he can chew when he attempts to swindle Laurent Thierry, a world class con-man with skills to back up the claim! Scammed and manipulated into helping Laurent, the pair set their eyes on the mafia and attempt to pull off a con of massive proportions!
A must watch for audiences looking for well written characters and crystal clear animations all in an unforgettable story!


#3: Akudama Drive
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Action
Episodes: 12

This one really isn't for the kids.
Akudama Drive is what you get when the writer for the infamous Danganronpa anime meets the studio that produced Tokyo Ghoul (Pierrot) and take Suicide Squad (NOT the movie, don't worry) as their inspiration; either a hot mess of conflicting ideas or something that takes the best of each and hones it to its prime. I am happy to report that Akudama Drive is most decidedly a case of the latter.

Akudama are criminals in a dystopian, futuristic society set in Kansai, Japan; in case the title of the anime didn't already make it obvious, they're the ones that make this show what it is: a violent, profane bloodbath of pure edge which will keep you coming back again and again after each episode. An unfortunate run in with the Akudama leaves an ordinary woman left with an explosive collar and directions to do exactly what an enigmatic entity under the guise of a mechanical feline says. What happens from that point on is best left for the prospective viewers to determine on their own.


#2: Dorohedoro
Genre: Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Action
Episodes: 12 (+6 OVAs)

Whew. Bet you can't say that 5 times fast.
If the last entry was too mature for you, this is a considerably tamer version set in a similar setting but with a significantly different plot that deserves its own chance in the spotlight!

Dorohedoro is what you get when you take a run-down city, evil sorcerers and a lizard man (no, not the Illuminati kind) and throw them together in a bold visual masterpiece. Kaiman (clever pun on caiman there) the lizard man is the protagonist of this show; his goal? Hunt down the sorcerer responsible for turning him into a lizard. The only problem is that his city (aka The Hole) is continually assaulted, oppressed and exploited by these sorcerers. Unlike the previous entry in this list, Dorohedoro throws in some dark comedy within the mix of its grim story to give the viewers a phenomenal experience similar to eating a dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream and chocolate sprinkles; it's the full darkness package, you see!


#1: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!!
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, School
Episodes: 12

Topping off our list with a light-hearted and wholesome entry, KYHOE (that's not what it's actually called >.<) caters to an entirely different audience. If edgy, action packed anime aren't your cup of tea and you prefer more lighthearted anime, this is the best title for you.

Midori Asakusa is an imaginative artist with a knack for animation who spends her days with her best friend, the introspective and calculating Sayaka Kanamori. After a lucky encounter with a model, the three girls realise their shared passion for animation and endeavor to do exactly that- these three girls are about to embark on an unforgettable journey of animation; a journey that the viewer is thorougly involved in. Stunning visuals, great comedy and wholesome entertainment is what make this entry shine above the rest in its category as it achieves all 3 with evident ease.
Keep your hands off Eizouken is number one on our list!


How many of these anime did you actually watch in 2020?
Do you have an anime that you think belonged on this list?
Send us your feedback on Facebook or on the Whatsapp and Discord groups! We'd love to hear from you!
Until next time, keep living your passion with Adilsons!

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