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Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Wondering what the Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters are? You've come to the right place. This shonen anime owes its popularity to its characters, theme, and plot. A world of magic sure does draw attention. In such a world, Asta is born without any magic and Yuno is born a prodigy. Asta resorts to physical training as compensation. On initiation day, Yuno receives the four-lead grimoire and Asta receives the mysterious five-leaf grimoire. The two join the Magic Squad to fulfill their ambition to become the next Magic King. It is hard to pinpoint the strongest of the Black Clover characters. But we have listed the Strongest Black Clover Characters after careful consideration.
Shonen anime requires an analysis of their characters and in terms of strength, we can see their growth. Here are the strongest Black Clover characters! This is in reference to anime only.

Let's make a comparison, shall we?

10th Strongest Black Clover Character - Yuno

Yuna definitely makes the cut for the list. He uses -
● Wind Magic to manipulate wind and create whirlwinds.
● Reinforcement Magic to enhance his physical prowess.
● Spirit Magic to summon a spirit to assist him in battle.
● Creation Magic to create objects out of thin air.
He has the ability to sense mana (magic) and merge with his spirit. His immense source of magic and strong will helps him in battle. Juno holds a four-leaf grimoire and is a 5th Class Intermediate Magic Knight. Yuno harbors a friendly rivalry with Asta. Consequently, he holds a strong determination to become the Magic King. As a result of being an orphan, Yuno was a crybaby. However, after meeting Asta, he becomes strong-willed and hopes to achieve his goals.

9th Strongest Black Clover Character - Vetto

Vetto forms part of the rebellious organisation called Eye of the Midnight Sun. To clarify, he is part of the group that wish to exact revenge for the Elf tribe's decimation. Vetto uses -
● Beast Magic where he emits a beast aura that increases his physical abilities. In other words, beastlike abilities.
● Reinforcement Magic to enhance his physical abilities.
● Seal Magic to seal other people's magic.
Vetto is a part of the Third Eye in the organisation along with Rhya and Fana. Vetto masters in hand-to-hand combat, endurance, speed, magical capacity and power. He relies more on physical prowess than strategising. Vetto is more hot-headed and outwardly violent amongst the three.

8th Strongest Black Clover Character - Rhya

Rhya is on the wrong side of morality but he makes a worthy opponent. He uses -
● Imitation Magic to copy other people's magic by touching their grimoires. But there are certain limitations to this such as the number of magics he can use at a time and he cannot use this with Anti-Magic.
● Transformation Magic to transform into another human being. He is unable to use spells after transforming initially but his complete reincarnation allows him to use two types of magic.
● Seal Magic to seal other people's magic.
● Compound Magic to create one powerful innovative spell from the different spells he has access to.
Rhya is part of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. In addition to this, he forms part of the Third Eye within the organization. The Eye of the Midnight Sun's objective is to destroy the Clover Kingdom. The organization was formed as a result of the massacre of elves. Rhya possesses high speed, endurance, and magical capacity. He wishes to reunite with his kin of elves and nothing can stop him from that.

7th Strongest Black Clover Character - Patolli/ William Vengeance

Patolli is an elf who admired his leader Licht. After the massacre, he is reincarnated in the body of William Vengeance, the Captain of Golden Dawn (a Magic Squad). Consequently, His quest for revenge results in the creation of the Eye of Midnight Sun. He uses -
● Light Magic to generate and manipulate light.
● Creation Magic to create object out of light.
● Union Magic to combine his magic with another one to create a new spell.
● Reincarnation Magic to revive the dead in the body of the living.
● Healing Magic for recovery.
● In addition, Patolli has immense speed, endurance and magical capacity. He can also use Demon Light Magic in his Dark Elf form.
William Vangeance's powers contribute to this. In addition, Patolli manipulates his body effectively to achieve results which William is not aware of. William uses -
● World Tree Magic to generate and manipulate World Trees.
● Union Magic to combine with other magic.

6th Strongest Black Clover Character - Witch Queen

Mother of all witches has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? The Witch Queen is the ruler of the Witches' Forest. The Witch Queen uses -
● Blood Magic to manipulate blood. Further use of it allows the user to manipulate people and animals too.
● Healing Magic to heal people. In other words - freeing them from ancient curses, mending shattered bones and strengthen limbs.
● Creation Magic to create objects from blood.
The Witch Queen holds disdain for humans especially men. The Queen may not have great physical prowess but she makes up for it through immense magical power. She possesses the ability to control birds, sense mana (magic energy) and for-see the future to an extent. She hates imperfection and is quite selfish in her motives.

5th Strongest - Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion is a nobleman and the first son of a royal family, House Vermillion. He is the former captain of the Crimson Lions Squad. He uses -
● Fire Magic to manipulate fire and its intensity.
● Creation Magic to create objects from fire.
● Spirit Magic to summon a spirit to assist him in battle.
● Restraining Magic to restrain people with fire.
● Reinforcement Magic to enhance his physical abilities.
Fuegoleon Vermillion has mass reserves of magic. Also, he is a really good tactician for battle.

4th Strongest - Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro hails from a foreign country called Hino. He is the captain of the Black Bull Squad and former member of the Grey Deer Squad. He uses -
● Dark Magic to manipulate darkness and channel through his katana. He can also absorb other forms of magic into his darkness.
● Restraining Magic to restrain people by binding them with darkness.
● Reinforcement Magic to increase his physical abilities. In addition to this, it allows him to make up for the slowness in Dark Magic.
Yami is an incredible swordsman who make use of his katana along with magic. Furthermore, he has impressive reflexes, speed, endurance, strength and mana reserves. He uses mana to manipulate his spell power and range. He make use of 'Ki' to sense unseen attacks.

3rd Strongest - Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion is a noblewoman who belongs to House Vermillion. She is the current captain of the Crimson Lions Squad and is part of the Royal Knights. To clarify, Mereleona refuses to take captaincy due to her disinterest in politics. Hence, her brother Fuegoleon becomes the captain. She takes up captaincy upon her brother's inability to continue. She uses -
● Fire Magic to generate and manipulate fire - usually in the form of a lion's paw.
● Reinforcement Magic to increase her physical abilities.
Mereleona is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and exercises great strength. Her speed and endurance ability is remarkable. She possesses massive mana (energy) reserves. This allows her to sense mana. As a result, she can use mana zones to enhance her spells.

2nd Strongest - Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono is the current and 28th Magic King of Clover Kingdom. Julius is a good king who sees the potential in people. For example, he asks Yami to join the Magic Knights and William's World Tree Magic impresses him. He uses -
● Time Magic to manipulate time. In other words, he can accelerate, decelerate, stop or reverse the flow of time.
● Transformation Magic to transform into another human being. He uses it to blend with the commoners sometimes.
● Restraining Magic to restrain his opponents with time. For example, Time Loop.
Julius is extremely fast and has huge magic reserves by stealing time from his targets. He makes use of mana zones to manipulate the range and power of his spells. In addition to his Time Magic, he manages to anticipate certain attacks by looking bit into the future.

The Strongest - Limiel Silvamillion Clover and Licht

Limiel Silvamillion Clover is the first Magic King of Clover Kingdom. He is good friends with Licht, the leader of the elves. And also his wife, Tetia. Limiel is a curious man who holds no ill-will towards different races. Lemiel wishes to create a world where elves and human live together. He uses -
● Light Magic to generate and manipulate light.
● Union Magic to combine it with other types of magic.
Limiel possesses massive mana reserves and manipulates mana zones to enhance his spells. He is quick in battle and can sense mana. He is also a incredible craftsman. History says that Limiel passed away protecting the kingdom.
Licht is the first and foremost known leader of the Elf Tribe. He is the reason Patolli reincarnates in the future. Limiel and Licht become good friends. Limiel's ideology influences Licht. As seen by his marriage to a human, Tetia. The massacre of the elves takes place through light magic. As a result, Licht feels betrayed. He suspects Lemiel's hand in this. Because of this event, Licht hates humanity. He uses -
Sword Magic to generate swords.
Union Magic to combine his magic with other types.
Reinforcement Magic to increase physical prowess.
Forbidden Magic where he draws magic from the underworld.
Licht is an excellent swordsman. In addition, he is on par with Limiel in speed and has massive mana reserves.


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