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This Week in Anime [Week 5, 2021] | Adilsons

This Week in Anime [Week 5, 2021]

Date Published: 6th Feb, 2021

Welcome back to another week's segment of Anime news. February has just begun but the anime frontier has been full of big events! Lots of cheers and tears this time around, that's for sure.

Here's your scoop from the first week of February:

1. Black Clover is Wrapping Up!
We'll start with the worst news first: Black Clover's Twitter account has officially declared that the anime will conclude on the 30th of March and that episode 170 will be the last one in the show... meaning there's only 8 more episodes left until we have nothing left but reruns...
Needless to say, this news took a lot of people by surprise, especially since the show has only gotten more and more awesome over time and has gained a massive worldwide fanbase which seemed to grow almost exponentially after every season. Not only that, Tabata has gone on record in the past to say that Black Clover is a show that could go on for as long as other anime like Naruto Shippuden and even One Piece; in light of such remarks, this news definitely isn't sitting well with a lot of people and it's not difficult to understand why.

However, closer inspection at the state of the anime will reveal something a lot of fans haven't realised yet- the anime is about to catch up to the manga. This fact has been the death sentence for a lot of popular anime in the past, simply because the sheer lack of a source material means that the anime, after overtaking the pace of the manga, simply has no direction to go in and either ends up as a mess of fillers (as happened to Bleach) or as something that ends in an manner that is extremely underwhelming and feels out of place with the rest of the show (queue original Fullmetal Alchemist montage). Black Clover is an anime that is known for its brilliant pacing and minimal filler content and this is really one of the main things that has made the anime what it is today; unfortunately fast paced anime are a double edged sword and Black Clover is yet another example of this sad fact.


2. Two Great Souls Meet At Last!

Well, we finally got what we've been waiting for all along- Gege Akutami (creator of Jujutsu Kaisen) and Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach) have apparently decided to do a little collaboration, as was announced on the official Twitter of Jujitsu Kaisen. An upcoming Jujitsu Kaisen fanbook will feature 10 full pages of discussion between these two legends and the whole thing will be topped off with each creator drawing their favorite character from the other's manga. Talk about the most ambitious crossover event in history- anime edition! Fans of both shows have looked forward to this for over a year!

You can check out the tweet here!

Kubo will be pointing out some similarities between the two mangas whereas Akutami will give us all an insight into her opinion of Kubo, who has been one of the biggest inspirations behind Jujitsu Kaisen. Anyone who has watched both anime will definitely understand where this is coming from since both works share numerous similarities, with Jujitsu Kaisen being heavily inspired from the original Bleach. Everything from the art style to the whole concept of souls finds its roots deeply embedded in both works, not to mention the significant parallelisms between the protagonists of both the shows.


3. More Goblins To Slay!

Goblin Slayer is finally back with its second season, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting. Even though the final episode of the first season aired in December of 2018, no new developments were heard of, despite the final episode ending with a promise for a second season.

Before Redo of Healer, the title of the most controversial anime might as well as have gone to this anime for its bold portrayals of sheer brutality, suggested themes of rape and just generic bloody violence. In fact, no episode in this anime caused a greater stir in the global anime community than the very first one, for all of the reasons we just mentioned; this anime really knows how to get right to the dirty bits of its story.

Nevertheless, the anime performed very well internationally and gained a lot of following for its plot and brilliant storytelling. Even though it is riddled with mature elements, the show has its moments of humor and even wholesome fun, and we'd all be lying if we weren't at the edge of our seats when we *almost* saw the Goblin Slayer's face in the season 1 finale. The show builds suspense, and does it just right.
While the release date for the new season is yet uncertain, speculations place its release sometime between late 2021 to 2022. For now, all we have is the announcement and a key visual for the upcoming season.

Here it is:


4. Trending In Japan!

Well, this one's sure to catch your eye. Japan just used an Evangelion-style declaration to announce their agenda for the second state of emergency, which was put in effect to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
Gotta hand it to them- the Japanese (more specifically the Fukuoka District of Southwestern Japan) really know how to throw down a quarantine. Here's what these warnings look like:

We don't know about you, but we almost wanna go to Japan just to experience living through an event like this. Almost.

The whole warning is actually just a 15 second video that flashes the words "Emergency Declaration in Effect!", along with instructions to avoid the three C's: Closed spaces, Crowded areas and Close Contact. Pretty catchy slogan to avoid death, ain't it? The warning also calls for a curfew of 8pm in the more affected places.
As a Redditor (u/bubrascal) pointed out:
"We didn't have 2020 Olympics in Neo-Tokyo, nor 3.0+1.0 premiere on January 2021. But at least we can have apocalyptic 「日本のaesthetics」."

Couldn't have said it any better ourselves!


5. Mauritius News!





Where's it gone???

We'll tell you- the Mauritus News Segment of This Week in Anime is no more! Don't worry- that's a good thing! There's just so much local news going on that it's becoming really difficult for us to squeeze it all in just one small headline... that's why Mauritius news will now be posted as in a separate article- the Adilsons Newsletter: Edition X! You can now find it under a separate heading of "Mauritius News" on our website! And believe us- we're just getting started! Adilsons is determined to create a legacy where every Otaku in Mauritius has the opportunity to Live their Passion to the fullest extent possible!


We'll leave you with a fun fact though: Did you know that in the original one-shot publication of Attack on Titan (way back in 2006), the main character actually died in order to save his village? Boy are we glad they didn't do Eren dirty like that now, or there would be no anime for us all to worship!


That's it for this week's news! We'll catch you next week with more juicy developments and updates!

Until then, dear otakus- keep living your passion!

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