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This Week in Anime [Week 12, 2021] | Adilsons

This Week in Anime [Week 12, 2021]

Date Published: 25th March, 2021

Ohayou Gozaimas one and all; prepare for yet another segment of Anime news from Adilsons! As we close off the month of March, it's rather fitting to mention that a lot of anime are doing the same with their own stories. While these farewells prove to be a cause of much sorrow for many of us, perhaps the cliche will prove itself to be true and turn these hurtful conclusions into the dawn of something new; only time shall tell if this holds true. On that note, here's your Rapid Rundown:

1. AOT Prepares for a Break

2. Jujitsu Kaisen: The Movie?

3. MHA: The Final Arc

4.  This Week in Anime: Titans on Rides!


1. AOT Prepares for a Break

1 episode stands between the world today and a hiatus of an indeterminate period until we receive definitive news on how part 2 of the final season of AOT will be produced. While the remaining content in the manga is far too large to animate in a movie (or even two for that matter), what has made itself apparent is the faster pacing that has been employed in the episodes immediately leading up to the penultimate episode of this half of the final season.

While the manga is but a single chapter away from being finished, the anime has a lot to catch up on- most definitely enough to warrant one more 16 episode run in our opinion. While the general consensus has agreed in this favour, no date for the second season has been made final and given the fact that the source material itself has yet to wrap up, this is likely to stay this way for the foreseeable future.

Following the exceptional events which took place last week (both regarding the content of the episode and the factor leading to its interruption), this week saw a double airing of episodes 14 and 15 back to back in Japan. For those who weren't able to find the final unaired portion of episode 14, the details are as follows:

Following the assassination of the Supreme Commander, Commander Sadies stands before a batch of scout recruits and is busy chewing them out. In the back, a few unnamed soldiers discuss the futility of still being taught techniques on how to fight titans when, in fact, their real battle lies against Marley. One of them states this out loud, much to the surprise of everyone; all the same, his words pass without rebuke- it is evident that every soldier standing there has considered the very same thoughts. Even Commander Sadies seems to agree, but the situation is prevented from developing further as Floch and some Jaegerists barge in with Hanji held prisoner.

The Jaegerists point their guns at the commander and instruct him to step down; the commander remains unperturbed and refuses to comply- this prompts Floch to shoot at the commander's feet. Floch misses and makes it evident that it was not a warning shot. He abandons the attempt and delivers a speech to all the recruits, urging them to abandon "the old man and his old ways" and join the Eldian cause. While most of the soldiers remain affixed to their position, the four soldiers previously seen standing in the back step forward and pledge their allegiance to the new cause.

Floch instructs them to beat down the commander to symbolize their shifting allies; they obey with some hesitation and leave the commander beaten, bruised and bloody on the ground. It is revealed that Eren has been watching everything happen from within a nearby building.

In the distance, Levi is seen talking to a badly beaten Zeke on a horse-driven cart. A thunder spear is revealed to have impaled in Zeke's abdomen, with its trigger tied firmly to his neck. Zeke's hands are also bound behind his back. Any movement will trigger the spear and set off a catastrophic explosion with more than enough power to end a man's life. Zeke struggles to remain conscious and recalls a memory...

2. Jujitsu Kaisen: The Movie?

With only one episode left until the end of the first season of Jujitsu Kaisen, fans of the world-renowned anime are already eager to learn about how their favorite show will continue. With the last episode set to air tomorrow (today for you, dear reader!), this undeniable realization of this fact is nigh. While it would be reasonable to assume that a second season to the anime should definitely be greenlit considering the wildly successful manga and the hype that the anime has generated, fans were left rather confused when MBS Chief Programming Director Hajime Yokota was quoted in a recent remote session saying "Even though the manga series is still ongoing, we have no concrete information at the moment."

It was a stark contrast to what Yokuta had been saying mere moments ago, when he took the time to thank all the viewers of the channel for their interest in watching the anime. Evidently unsatisfied with the way this worked out, fans went about a different way to get the news they so desperately wanted- and these madlads just might have actually succeeded!

These crazy weebs went around checking for all domains relating to Jujutsu Kaisen and found that the domain for had been registered! While this on its own is NOT confirmatory of anything, it does bring a ray of hope for those on the lookout for anything related to the series. What a brilliant idea, though. Let's have someone do it for an AOT movie this time? 😃

3. MHA: The Final Arc

Now here's a headline that's almost impossible to elaborate on without diving knee deep into heavy spoiler territory! Never fear, we'll convey this news without ruining anything. The My Hero Academia franchise currently has 29 published volumes in its manga and the latest chapter (numbered 306) bore the words "The Final Act Begins".

While this does indeed make the limited lifespan of the anime painfully obvious, it must be mentioned that the anime has so far completed 2 Acts, each with multiple arcs; if anything, this means that the anime still has one third of the way to go if we are to assume that all acts are equally long. For an anime that's been going on since 2014, this signifies that there's still quite some time to go, so don't be so quick to say your farewells, minna!

On a related note, don't forget that the fifth season of the anime is almost here: the 27th of March (tomorrow for you!) marks yet another important day for the MHA universe!


4.  This Week in Anime: Titans on Rides!

March the 27th to April the 25th will be a time like no other in Osaka and Tokyo. Mercedes Benz and Attack on Titan have organised a collaboration like no other- an exhibition of sweet Mercedes-Benz GLA painted with AOT manga art and scenes will grace each show during this period, and all attendees will have the distinct pleasure of being able to take a selfie in these rides. Moreover, exclusice AOT merch will be on sale during this period; a collector's dream as many of these products will never make it outside of these showrooms! A life-sized stature of Eren will also be erected in April, similar to the Levi stature discussed a few weeks ago!

Japan really has a lot to be hyped for in the upcoming month!

That's all for this week's international news minna! Feel free to browse through our site to read more amazing articles on everything from Top 5 lists to Local News to Product Releases! You can also join our Discord server for watch parties, non-stop discussions and much more fun activities! Catch you next week!

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