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This Week in Anime [Week 2, 2021] | Adilsons

This Week in Anime [Week 2, 2021]


Issue #1

Date Published: Sun, 17 Jan 2021


Ohayo gozaimasu fellow weebs and otakus! It's time for Adilsons' first ever weekly news update, where we bring you the highlights of recent happenings in the international anime community this week! Whatever's making waves out there finds its way right here!

Let's get right to it.

The second week of 2021 has brought with it lots of hot developments; some good and some not so great.

Here's your top 5 headline rundown:


1. Great Returns & Continuations!

As if determined to make up for the catastrophe that was 2020, several studios have confirmed the upcoming release of several highly anticipated anime.

•At the top of this category is Bleach, which announced in December of last year that season 17 would be released in April of 2021; no updates on the matter have come to light since then, but it is safe to say that Bleach is back indeed! In case you missed the first announcement, here's the official video released by Shonen Jump way back in March:


Adilsons will keep scouring every source available to us to keep you posted on this matter!

•School is back in session lads, and not just for us! My Hero Academia will return in April for its 5th season. With the overwhelming defeat of a certain villain in the season 4 finale, season 5 will include a joint training arc between classes 1-A and 1-B and another arc featuring the League of Villains. For those who've read the manga, you know exactly what's in store! MHA is well on its way to becoming the Naruto of this generation!

The Promised Neverland is getting its second season! We just couldn't get enough of demons and their own morbid kid farm in 1 season so they're pumping out another one. While it is difficult for us to reveal anything more without giving blatant spoilers, we should mention that the expected lifespan (definitely no puns intended, you hope) of this anime is going to be around 3 seasons since the manga has already come to an end. Episode 3 of the season will be released next week on the 22nd.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (aka season 2) has been confirmed! The 11 episode long continuation of the series will see its release on DVD on May 26th of this year, although episode 1 was released on the 14th of this month. While some fans have openly expressed their disappointment at the short length of season 2 (especially in light of the fact that season 1 was 24 episodes long), others have pointed out that the source material could have been summed up in a single movie. We'll let you guys decide where you stand on this issue.

Here's the season 2 trailer:


2. Disappointing Delays...

Sadly, even though the worst of the C-crisis is behind us and the world makes its best efforts to move on, several productions have faced continued delays owing to disruptions in their schedules.

The biggest gut-punches were as follows:

Burn the Witch, the sister anime to Bleach produced by the same creator (Tite Kubo), has no plans to release its second season anytime soon despite its immensely popular first season. In case you haven't seen it yet, know that it's only 3 episodes long; here's a link to some reviews:

If you can't wait till April to get your dose of Bleach, consider giving this one-shot anime a watch!

•The Evangelion fanbase was in a state of shock after the official account for the franshise recently made a post on Twitter cancelling their release date which was supposed to be on the 23rd of January. No other updates have been provided on the matter so for now all we can do is wait with baited breath for the long awaited 3rd movie to finally grace our screens.

You can see the announcement here:

•Slice of life manga Grand Blue's Twitter account has announced that owing to overwork-related lower back issues, Kenji Inoue, author of the manga in question, will be on an indefinite leave, effectively halting the show until he recovers. While this is bad news indeed, we wish Kenji a speedy recovery and hope that he is able to enjoy his well deserved break.


3. #DeclarationofWar

No, Japan hasn't mobilised an army of Gundam suit-equpped catgirls wielding duel disks, but that's probably what came to a lot of people's minds last week when they saw that hashtag trending all over Twitter. Episode 5 of the infamous Attack on Titan was released on the 10th of January and brought with it lots of well-deserved hype (if you watched it, you definitely know what we mean!), which naturally lead people to post about it on social media.

Unfortunately for the anime muggles out there, seeing something like #declarationofWar trending all over the internet probably equates to "buy canned food, build bunkers and hide" instead, which -needless to say- didn't sit particularly well with a lot of people, especially in light of the current issues going on in the US. For us weebs and otakus however, this incident truly is an inspiration for us fill the internet with memes mocking the anime muggles!

On the same note, remember that Episode 6 of the final season of AOT (titled The War Hammer Titan) will air today, January 17th!


4. Trending in Japan

Japan has been known for producing some odd... things (which we really won't get into because your imagination has already gone places it shouldn't 😶), but it seems that they're determined to out-weird themselves every so often. "Ogui" (or "o-gui") is what we're talking about this week. This is a rising trend in Japan and literally translates to "Gluttony".

Ogui is a category of videos in which women film themselves binging on massive volumes of food which would make even Jason from Tokyo Ghoul reel in horror. Now, binge eating isn't a new category, or one that's exclusive to Japan by any means but Ogui videos go a few steps further. Not only are the women who binge eat in these videos thin, but they also usually precede the videos with an ASMR-esque montage of how they prepared the food they later use to clog their arteries.

And they get MILLIONS of views.

It wouldn't be Japan if they didn't take everything about 5 steps further than where the rest of the world draws the line. We wonder what the appeal of these videos is, but we're honestly a bit too afraid to ask. We'll let you decide what you think about the whole thing.

Here's a link to a mukbang video, which is basically a Korean twist to the whole thing:


5. Anime News in Mauritius

We at Adilsons have a dream; to become the face of the anime community in Mauritius and to allow our islanders to fully embrace their inner otakus. Here's what's happening in Mauritius!

•The next Yugioh Tournament will be held at Adilsons on Sunday the 26th of this month. Bring your decks and duel! We look forward to your participation!

•Adilsons is currently running an anime meme tournament on this Facebook page! At the end of this month, we will pick the posts with the most reacts and give out amazing prizes! You can check out the tournament details for more information. Let's see what you got!

•Adilsons was in the Defi Mega Cup this Sunday; we couldn't sell you any merch, but we were right there to keep the otakus and gamers together. Hope you had lots of fun; we certainly did!



That's all the news we have for you this week! Come back next week for more updates!

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