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The Smartest Anime Characters

What some have in muscles, others have in the brain. In this article we talk about those anime characters that are the best when it comes to strategies, tricks and mind games. This is a rather interesting topic given that we will be talking about characters from different anime.

In the anime world, as in any other, there are all kinds of characters. It could be said that it is characteristic of this style of audiovisual productions to have very cunning, brilliant and intelligent characters (some reach the level of geniuses) that do not compare with what is done in other parts of the planet. Perhaps some are better known than others, but the level of intellect of those on this list is much higher despite the fact that their gifts are used in different ways. Perhaps this will give you some inspiration if you are thinking and undecided as to what anime watch next. It has been proven that the brain can be the greatest strength against villains, although this is not something exclusive to the hero, but that the antagonists can be the same or smarter than the protagonists.

Characters like Light Yagami and L (from Death Note) even go beyond the limits of genius as calculating, manipulative, logical, and analytical figures that don't compare to other minds. They are the most acclaimed by the fans of these animated series, but there are also other characters that enter this list for the way they adapted to situations, for managing to deceive others or for having great knowledge. Some are even the most picturesque, such as Sora and Shiro (from No Game No Life), who practically do nothing for life beyond playing video games but have great intellect, the ability to speak numerous languages, and other skills like reading people.

Either because of the way they solve problems, or because of any of the points mentioned above, here we share with you which are the ten most intelligent anime characters, from Shingeki no Kyojin, through Bleach until reaching Death Note. Which are your favorites?

Mavis Vermilion - Fairy Tail
Credits to all and every owner of the manga, anime, image and any other work in which this character is present.
On the outside he is thirteen, but on the inside she is eighteen. Founder and first Fairy Tale strategist fairy, she always guides and protects guild members, although she can also be carefree and reckless, but she is very calculating when it comes to putting together a strategy and has led her own to victory in numerous occasions.

Sora - No Game No Life
Although he neither studies nor works, he is invincible in video games and he is locked up, he is extroverted, confident and extremely manipulative. He has the ability of detecting when someone is cheating, whatever the game, thanks to its ability to read people and predict what their next move will be; pity that when he is not with his sister Shiro he becomes a coward.

Armin Arlert - Shingeki no Kyojin
Credits to all and every owner of the manga, anime, image and any other work in which this character is present.
He enrolled into Recruit Troop 104 and has been a childhood friend of Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman. Physically he is much weaker than the rest of his teammates, but he has great intelligence that allows him to form the best strategies. He is also part of the Exploration Corps, which is one of the army agencies that are in charge of fighting against the Titans.

Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell
She is a cyborg who works in Section 9 of the Japanese government's security department in the future. She is one of the iconic heroines of anime - and in general - in the form of a very intelligent, authoritative soldier with the ability to destroy her opponents when necessary. No matter in which incarnation we see her, she will always be able to achieve her goals, or escape if necessary, thanks to her mental and physical agility.

Shiro - No Game No Life
She is like her brother Sora, but of the two of them she is the calm, introverted and calculating one. She is an excellent mind in logic and computing, but he has difficulty understanding people's emotions or behavior. She rarely reveals her emotions, speaks little, is a chess teacher (she has never lost), knows eighteen languages and learns Imanity in less than fifteen minutes, while Sora took an hour.

Yuuko Shionji – Kamisama no Memochou
She is an extremely mysterious character who refers to herself as Alice. She does not study and does not work either. In this case she is part of a group of detectives, where she is the brain of the team apart from being the best hacker when it comes to investigating and collecting information. She does not set foot outside her room and she is surrounded by technological devices and is considered the best.

Kurisu Makise - Steins; Gate
She was barely seventeen and already had a PhD. She managed to travel through time despite the fact that at first she said it was impossible and when she is in trouble she always finds a way to turn the situation around with the best possible solution. Having become a good scientist from a young age, she was also made her deserving of the disdain of other colleagues who did not see her favorably.

Shikamaru Nara - Naruto

Credits to all and every owner of the manga, anime, image and any other work in which this character is present.
He is another good example if we refer to the mental abilities of the characters in anime. He is smarter than almost anyone he is compared to, he is a skilled strategist, he is not easily fooled, and he can focus and make decisions quickly. He is able of anticipating the actions of the enemy and of being several steps ahead of others, earning the recognition of his peers and his community.

L - Death Note

L is the mysterious detective whose mission is to catch Kira, a pseudonym that Light Yagami receives from public opinion that does not know the real name of the killer. He is the possessor of the Death Note. At first his appearance is unknown, but then a strange personality is revealed. In his career he has solved the most complicated cases, although he only participates in those cases that interest him; he is the only one who can track Light like a cat and mouse game.

Light Yagami - Death Note

This character is one of the smartest and most memorable in anime history. In Death Note he bumps into a notebook that gives him the ability of judging anyone and ending their lives. He is one of the best students in his school and he is also an exceptional athlete who excels in tennis, some resources he inherited from his father, who is the chief of police, and since he obtained the Death Note, he tests his ability in strategy and manipulation, making him a target difficult to capture.

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