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Strongest characters of Attack on Titan

The strongest characters in Attack on Titan are an interesting bunch that contribute vastly to the story's thrill and intrigue. The ever-changing power dynamics in Attack on Titan is one of the most interesting aspects of the story. This rings true even better within the context of recent events. It shows to prove that sheer power needs to be complemented with intelligence and technique to actually persevere in the harsh setting of the show.
Therefore, strongest doesn't just encompass power - it reflects their survivability. Who are the strongest characters in Attack on Titan? Let's see, shall we?
  1. Pieck Finger
Pieck Finger is an Eldian serving as a Marleyan Warrior for the military. She is currently in possession of the Cart Titan. Pieck is an incredibly perceptive, kind and slightly eccentric woman. She can quickly deduce a situation and give appropriate orders. She is praised heavily for her intelligence. In her Titan form, Pieck's perceptive abilities come in handy along with her devastating speed. Pieck demonstrates quick reflexes and was able to rescue Zeke from Levi owing to it. Her Titan is quite resourceful and can be used as a pack mule to carry essentials. She displays the most effective endurance than all other Titans and is able to remain in Titan form for longer periods of time.
  1. Jean Kirschtein
Jean Kirschtein is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps where he ranked 6th. Currently, he serves a commanding officer in the Survey Corps owing to his natural leadership skills. Jean is a highly pragmatic, perceptive and analytical man. He displays incredible observational skills and command. Jean is highly adept at using the ODM gear even on open terrain. He is able to maneuver even with faulty ones. The ODM gear serves as his greatest strength. He is able to use Thunder Spears to great potential. Jean is a level-headed individual who is able to make practical decisions even under duress. Jean has also displayed great accuracy in his shooting skills.
  1. Annie Leonhart
Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps where she ranked 4th. She is also an honorary Marleyan Warrior and the current inheritor of the Female Titan. Annie is an extremely shrewd and isolated person who seems to have a realistic outlook on life. She is very practical and self-aware that allows her to make decisions appropriately. Annie is one of the strongest fighters due to her exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills. She also displays great skill in using the ODM gear. As a Titan, she possesses abilities of selective hardening, high mobility, good endurance, limited Titan control. Annie can outwit people with her quick reflexes and judgement.
  1. Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps where he ranked 2nd. He is also the Vice Captain of the Warrior Unit and an honorary Marleyan Warrior. He is the current inheritor of the Armoured Titan. Reiner is an extremely good combatant and highly competent in using the ODM gear and respective weapons. As a Titan, Reiner's armour can absorb high damage and inflict considerable damage to people and property. He also displays selective hardening, and better mobility when required. Reiner can also transfer his consciousness to other parts of his body. He is quite resourceful with his techniques of withholding his regenerative abilities. 
  1. Armin Arlert
Armin Arlert is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps. He is also the main tactician of the Survey Corps and the current inheritor of the Colossus Titan. Armin makes up for his lack of physical strength with his high intelligence, good judgement and highly analytical demeanour. He is arguably the best tactician for the Survey Corps and is reasonably level-headed. Armin makes highly calculated decisions that have a good success rate. His intelligence in conjunction with his Titan's size and mass destructive abilities serves to be very advantageous. (Spoiler Alert) Armin caused high damage to Marley's navy fleets due to his explosive transformation and strength as a Titan.
  1. Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman is considered the best soldier of the 104th Unit. She is an extremely stoic and level-headed individual who is fiercely loyal. Mikasa shows high talent in the utilization of the ODM gear, thunder spears and other weapons as well. She is an outstanding hand-to-hand combatant and possesses extremely good reflexes. Her fighting techniques are almost unrivaled amongst her peers. She shows practicality in her decisions and is an intimidating opponent. (Spoiler alert) Mikasa's awakened power gives her heightened instincts and perfect self-control. She is also able to access the power of the Titans to a limited extent because of it.
  1. Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman is the Captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps. He is known as humanity's strongest soldier. Levi is an extremely blunt and usually unsettling person. He is quite pragmatic and has a strong sense of morality and empathy. Levi holds extraordinary battle skills along with his profound ability to quickly analyse situations. Levi is able to make calculated decisions and his high offense abilities complement that.  He shows immense speed and excellent technique in his fighting skills even being able to render Zeke cautious of his presence. (Spoiler alert) Levi's awakened power provides him good instincts and great self-control. He is also able to access the power of the Titan to a limited extent.
  1. Zeke Yeager
Zeke Yeager is an honorary Warrior and the current inheritor of the Beast Titan. He also possesses royal blood from his mother's side. Zeke is a very intelligent and ruthless man. (Spoiler alert) His intelligence is best utilized in his ability to manipulate both sides of the war. He demonstrates traits of a leader and earns his respect from others. He enforces a slightly condescending attitude and harsh militaristic principles. As the Beast Titan, Zeke shows devastating throwing capabilities. Due to his royal blood, he is even able to transform and command Titans of his own. His intelligence allows him to conjure smart countermeasures even in dire times.
  1. Ymir Fritz (Spoiler Alert)
Ymir Fritz is the first Titan shifter of the world who possessed the power of all nine titans. She worked as a slave to the Eldian King Fritz who exploited her powers to build an empire. Ymir's powers allowed her to bring prosperity to the Eldian Empire and devastate its enemies. She was able to build bridges, cultivate lands and destroy any rebellions. Her Titan was enormous and had immense strength. Even after her death, Ymir's powers allowed her to mould Titan bodies in the outwardly dimension called Paths. She was also responsible for all Titan transformations in history. She remained a slave to the royal family until Eren freed her.
  1. Eren Yeager (Spoiler alert)
Eren Yeager is an extremely powerful and intelligent man. He is a former graduate of the 104th Training Unit and is the current inheritor of three Titans : Attack, Founding and War Hammer. After Ymir lends him her power, the scale of his newfound power and Titan form is unknown. Eren has shown a lot of growth in his fighting techniques such as hand-to-hand combat and his use of the ODM gear. He is extremely intelligent and demonstrates high manipulative skills and observational skills. Eren has really good instincts. With his Attack Titan, he has very good physical strength and offence tactics. The Founding Titan with access to royal blood allows him to control, transform and command Titans along with telepathic abilities and modification of memories. Whereas the War Hammer Titan gives him better hardening skills and manipulating hardening structures.  Eren is a highly determined man who seems to be very perceptive and realistic.
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