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Strongest Characters in Tower of God

Tower of God has dominated the buzz during the Summer broadcasting season for anime. Its exciting premise and manhwa origins have definitely attributed to its appeal. The anime is centred around a tall mysterious tower that is packed with formidable challenges and rewards those who reach the top with rare treasures. One of its distinctive features is the wide range of characters it throws at us. Given the competitive nature of the premise, it's natural for us to rank these characters based on their strengths.

  1. Ha Yurin

Ha Yurin is the leader of the Yurin family. He is well known for her hardening abilities and destructive ability amongst the Ten Great Families. After gaining the position of leader, she was the first to secure the Scout position in the Tower. With her strong physique and exceptional intelligence, she holds both Fisherman and Scout positions during battles. 

  1. Adori Zahard 

Adori Zahard is the Commander-in-Chief of Zahard's army. She also captains Zahard's royal guards. Adori wields the only S rank weapon of the 13th month series - The Golden November. This makes her the most strongest and active princess existing within the tower. She utilizes a carrier to fill any position as a Fisherman. She is powerful enough to dominate Garam Zahard in a duel. 

  1. Baek Ryun

Baek Ryun is considered to be one of the most exceptional wave controller in the tower's history. He was scouted as a regular by Headon after witnessing his potential. He obtained the title of Ranker. His present influence is equivalent to the prestige enjoyed by the ten great families. Baek Ryun is the ruler of the 77th floor and is also the leader of the Wolhaiksong along with his best friend Urek Mazino. 

  1. Khun Eduan 

Khun Eduan is the head of the Khun Family. He is considered to be one of the strongest amongst the ten leaders and is credited to be the best spear bearer of the tower. He is known as the "God of Spears." He is an irregular who entered the tower along with Zahard. Notorious for his womanizing traits, he fathered many children including Khun Aguero Agnis. Eduan possesses three abilities - electricity, ice and an unknown ability that positions him as one of the most powerful High Rankers of the tower. 

  1. Eurasia Enne Zahard

Eurasia Enne Zahard is one of Zahard's Princesses and a High Ranker. They wield the Colorless December which is one of the 13th month series. She acquired White February by killing its previous owner alongside Colorless December. After going berserk from the power, she ended up killing the first wave of princesses. 

  1. Arie Hon

Arie Hon is an associate of Zahard and is considered to be one of the strongest amongst the ten leaders within the tower. Arie Hon heads the Arie family and wields the White Oar which is an S+ rank sword created by Macsbeth. Arie Hon uses this sword for his high-density Shinsoo. Residing in the 100th floor, he provides challenges to the regulars such as those of resisting his attacks for 10 minutes. Only two - Urek Mazino and his daughter Arie Megipherione Zahard - have managed to withstand his attacks. 

  1. Urek Mazino

Urek Mazino is an extremely powerful irregular who is considered to be on par with the Phantaminum. He is an irregular with a vast potential and the ability to overtake King Zahard. Urek Mazino climbed the tower in only 50 years and is recorded as the fastest and strongest rankers in the history of the tower. His powers are equivalent to that of a beast as he was able to deflect Slayer Karaka's most powerful attack using only 1% of his power. 

  1. Zahard

Zahard entered the tower before the entry of any civilian. He decided to reign over the tower as King after climbing 134 floors. Due to this, he was the first one to ever make a contract with the guardian of the towers. Zahard is now considered to be the 'most powerful being'. He is worshipped by the inhabitants of the tower due to his history and capabilities. The history of the tower created by Zahard excludes Arlene Grace, who rejected his love. 

  1. Enryu

Besides Phantaminum, Enryu is another mysterious figure to enter the tower. Enryu is credited for killing the guardian of the 43rd floor. The feat was so incredible that the floor was labeled the Floor of Death after this incident. The Thorn to Kill the King was discovered after killing the guardian. This is currently in the possession of Baam as a Slayer candidate for FUG.

  1. Phantaminum 

Phantaminum is one of the most dangerous and mysterious irregulars existing in the tower. After his sudden attack on Zahard's inner place, Phantaminum is considered to be the strongest ever to enter the tower in its entire history. During the attack, he brutally massacred everyone on the defence line that included high rankers and royals. However, he left without fighting Zahard. Phantaminum is a powerful Axis that has a considerable amount of influence on the events of the story. 

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