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Sengoku Basara Franchise Adds A New Manga | Adilsons

Sengoku Basara Franchise Adds A New Manga

On July 21, CAPCOM announced the addition of a new manga to the Sengoku Basara franchise in commemoration of its 15th anniversary. Hero's Inc.'s Monthly Hero's magazine will launch the first issue of the manga by Rando Ayamine (GetBackers) and Yukai Asada (Tokko Zero) this winter. The drawing of the manga is credited to Asada while the composition is a reflection of Ayamine's work. The 2020 September issue of Monthly Hero's magazine and CAPCOM revealed the character design of Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura. 

What does Sengoku Basara Franchise include? 

CAPCOM's series of video games Sengoku Basara inspired the production of several television anime series, an anime film, a live-action series along with two compilation films, various stage plays, light novels, drama CDs and more. Inspired by the game franchise, an adaptation of Gakuen Basara premiered in January 2018 with the story set in high school premises. 

What are some of the Sengoku Basara Games? 

In Japan, CAPCOM recently released Sengoku Basara 4 - Sumeragi Anniversary Edition in physical and digital versions for PlayStation 4 on July 21st. The Sengoku Basara 4 PlayStation 3 action game was released in Japan way back in January 2014. They released a high definition version of the game for PlayStation 4 that celebrates their 10th Anniversary in 2015. 

Game Plot :

Sengoku Basara is loosely based on real events and historical figures that existed during the titular Sengoku Period of feudal Japan. Several of the game characters include Hidemitsu Akechi, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Masamune Date, Nobunaga Oda, Sarutobi Sasuke, Shingen Takeda and Yukimura Sanada. 

The series of video games became immensely popular in Japan and thus, developed into a celebrated cultural phenomenon there. The franchise enjoys a large and loyal fanbase. 

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