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Ranking the Villains of My Hero Academia, Part 3 | Adilsons

Ranking the Villains of My Hero Academia, Part 3

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10: Chronostasis 

Quirk: Chronostasis

Overhaul’s right hand man has a cool quirk, but unfortunately not much personality to speak of. He has strands of hair that look like the two hands of a clock, and can stab someone with them to slow their movements either for a minute or an hour. By the time we see him in action, his mask and nondescript white jacket just make him blend in with the rest of the Shie Hassaikai. He’s devoted to his leader, Chisaki, but not nearly as intensely as Nemoto. Even though he’s officially Overhaul’s assistant, there’s not much chemistry between them from what I can see. Chronostasis’ quirk is inspired by the temporal illusion of the same name, and while I think it’s a cool idea there’s just not much room for variation with the quirk. We’ve seen it before from Hero Killer Stain, and I think this version is thematically less interesting. 

9: Dabi

Quirk: Cremation

If you thought Bakugo couldn’t get any edgier, you were wrong. Dabi also joined the League of Villains after being inspired by Stain (along with more than half of their current membership), and he’s on the other side of the spectrum from Spinner in terms of his interpretation of Stain’s ideals. Where Spinner still engages in the same hero worship that Stain detests, Dabi has successfully internalized Stain’s ideals. That’s why he’s such a ruthless, cold killer, which we see when he murders the pro hero Snatch and upon being identified as Snatch’s killer by Endeavor, has already forgotten the hero. I’m a huge fan of his punk fashion sensibilities, and would absolutely wear that blue coat he has with the giant seams on my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s. It’s a pretty severe weakness to have your quirk destroy your body just by using it, but I guess he and Midoriya have that in common. Aside from the pro hero kill Dabi also led the raid on the Forest Training Camp, which was one of their first major successes! Shigaraki’s third-in-command is shrouded in mystery, and his true identity and history have yet to be revealed. That being said, there’s heavy speculation about his father being a certain famous pro hero.

8: Shin Nemoto

Quirk: Confession

One villain trope I love is the villain whose calm and amiable demeanor masks a cold and sinister heart. This is certainly the case with Shin Nemoto, Overhaul’s most devoted servant. Donning a wide-brimmed bowler hat over his plague mask, a black cloak, black gaucho pants and grey Doc Martens, Nemoto is styling pretty hard. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume he’s some kind of goth E-boy in Coronavirus times. Nemoto is incredibly cynical, and is a great example of how someone’s quirk can shape their personality. His quirk, Confession, forces his victim to answer truthfully after he asks them a question. The ability to find out people’s true feelings destroyed Nemoto’s trust in others, with the exception of his boss, Chisaki. Overhaul is the only completely sincere man Nemoto has ever met, and thus he is worthy of his unwavering devotion. It’s honestly terrifying to see a villain as evil as Chisaki held up by another character as the pinnacle of virtue. Nemoto is another villain with a penchant for shooting guns at UA students, but unlike Mustard he actually managed to hit one! In all seriousness though, I hate this man for taking away Mirio’s amazing, beautiful quirk.


Quirk: Double

I remember Twice’s chapter in the manga as the point when I saw that My Hero Academia was trying to do something more than the average shounen. Not many series dedicate an entire chapter to a B-list member of the villain squad, and it reinforces MHA’s theme of portraying heroes, villains and civilians alike as having rich inner lives. Jin Bubaigawara has dissociative identity disorder, and his quirk allows him to make physical copies of himself that have their own identities. He joined the League of Villains because he felt like he had no place in society due to his mental illness, and that’s a motivation I can understand. Twice’s running gag of always contradicting himself is hilarious every time it comes up, and the other members of the League truly seem to accept him for who he is. Deadpool is a pretty clear inspiration for Twice’s character, but where the former is snarky and superior, Twice’s complete lack of self-awareness makes him endearing. 

6: Mr. Compress

Quirk: Compress

Finally, someone to give the League of Villains a shred of actual credibility! Mr. Compress has the most experience as a villain out of anyone in the League, and he wants everyone to know it. He’s their flashiest member by far -- often sacrificing tactical advantage to go in for the style points -- and I have to credit him for that. He pulls off a suit way better than Gentle Criminal, and accomplishes something I never thought possible: looking good in multiple shades of orange. You can tell he’s been at the game for a while from how he swaps out his masks depending on the occasion. I mean, this is someone who actually treats villainy like a craft! Not to mention the fact that he has the scariest quirk out of anybody in the League besides All For One. Mr. Compress’ quirk allows him to “compress” anything around his hand into a small glass marble. Entire people can be compressed, like when he single-handedly captured Bakugo. Or, if your name is Chisaki and you destroyed his arm, he can compress yours right off your body in an act of poetic justice. I honestly hope nothing happens to Mr. Compress for a while, as the rest of the League of Villains can still learn a lot from him.
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