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Ranking the Villains of My Hero Academia, Part 2 | Adilsons

Ranking the Villains of My Hero Academia, Part 2

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Part 1!

16: Spinner

Quirk: Gecko

If the League of Villains want people to start taking them seriously, they should probably cut this guy from their ranks. He should change his name to Filler, because that’s what he feels like. Spinner has managed to hang around in the League of Villains for 3 seasons now and has accomplished basically nothing in that time to make himself stand out. His most notable quality is being a fanboy for another villain, with half of his lines in the series spent talking about Stain. Spinner swings around a bunch of swords tied together in a large bundle, and as fearsome as it is it looks a little ridiculous. I assumed his quirk had something to do with manifesting metal weaponry like Yaoyorozu, but I looked it up and it’s just….being a gecko man! Supposedly he can climb up walls, but I haven’t seen it. For all his faults Spinner contributes to the League of Villains’ lovable outcast energy, and I have to give him points for that.

15: Deidoro Sakaki

Quirk: Sloshed

Okay, now we’re getting into the territory of villains I actually think are cool. I mean not “cool”, he’s been a part of some pretty terrible crimes, but you know what I mean. His plague doctor mask is upside down because he crawls on the ceiling, and I would wear the hell out of that fur vest. In terms of combat, disorienting his opponents is great for support, although it comes with the downside of affecting his allies as well. Also as a highschool student on an internship, I can’t think of many things scarier than a drunk guy crab-walking on the ceiling and throwing knives at you. His quirk even gets people drunk so he would be great at parties!

14: Moonfish

Quirk: Blade-Tooth

I remember being absolutely terrified when I first saw Moonfish during the Forest Training Camp arc. I was like who is this slobbering maniac in a straight jacket? Moonfish’s appearance alongside Mustard and Muscular elevated the League of Villains from a ragtag group of delinquents to a full-blown death squad. This guy was a death row inmate before presumably being broken out of jail by All For One, and his defining personality trait is a hunger for human flesh. His quirk serves this hunger unfortunately well, attacking his victims with a mouthful of razor-sharp and infinitely extendable teeth. The creepiest part of it all is that even though his legs aren’t restrained, Moonfish USES HIS TEETH TO WALK AROUND. This makes me very uncomfortable.

13: Kurogiri

Quirk: Warp Gate

Kurogiri is someone who does a lot of work in the background and is rarely noticed for it. This is true both in the League of Villains’ activities and in the show as a whole, as he unfortunately has to spend most of his screen time in the early seasons babysitting Shigaraki and teleporting the League wherever they need to be. Without Kurogiri, how would the League get into USJ? How would they manage to avoid the police for as long as they have? These logistical concerns are essential to the League of Villains functioning, but they don’t exactly make for gripping anime. As for Kurogiri’s character design, I liked the fancy suit when he was tending bar at the League’s first hideout but now it feels out of place. A character made of fog is a cool idea though, and if you keep reading in the manga Kurogiri actually has one of the saddest backstories in the series. Ultimately I have to give him points for supporting Shigaraki from the beginning, rather than jumping on the villain bandwagon after Stain made it cool. 

12: Toya Setsuno

Quirk: Larceny

Setsuno is the only member of the Shie Hassaikai who I looked at and immediately thought yup, this guy looks like a yakuza. Unlike the rest of the Eight Bullets he actually wears a tailored suit befitting a Japanese gangster. His limp, blonde emo hair covers up half of his face, which is further covered by the plague mask he wears. Toya’s personality is also convincingly gangster-ish; he loves dirty tricks, as shown when he stabbed Tamajiki with the knife he’d hid under his mask. He also has one of the more fleshed-out backstories of the Eight Bullets. After being betrayed by a lover and falling into great debt, Setsuno tried to commit suicide only to be saved by a hero. This caused him to lose all faith in the world, and join the Shie Hassaikai as he felt like he had nothing left to lose. Setsuno’s quirk, Larceny, is perfect for the organization as well. It allows him to just….steal things from people! If he makes eye contact with you, Setsuno can make whatever’s in your hand teleport to his hand at will. Despite his apparent hopelessness Setsuno appears to be the only Hassaikai member with a sense of humor, and I have to commend him for that. 

11: Magne

Quirk: Magneticism

Oh my god, Overhaul could’ve killed anyone else in the league (besides Toga) and I would’ve been happy. Magne was a late addition to the League of Villains, so unfortunately she only appeared in the Forest Training Camp Arc and the Hideout Raid before becoming the first named character in the series to die. I’m still mad about it, but I can’t be too mad since Horikoshi gave us the only fight between two trans characters in all of shounen history when Magne fought Tiger. Besides, you know, dying early, Horikoshi’s treatment of Magne is one of the best trans characterizations I’ve seen on TV, period. Despite not medically transitioning, the rest of the League of Villains treat her like they would any other female member. Toga also called her “Big Sis Magne” which I think is adorable. She also has an extremely versatile quirk, allowing her to apply magnetic polarity to people around her based on their gender. The fact that Magne herself is unaffected by her quirk could be indicative of her non-conformity to gender stereotypes. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a trans person in the media who’s at peace with their body, dresses however they want, and never has their gender called into question by other characters (except for Chisaki bur misgendering is the least of his crimes). I love Magne, I don’t care that she’s killed people, I just want her to give me a piggyback ride.
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