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So, in the last article I talked about the anime Macross and Robotech. So, here I am, writing another article in the same topic but, in this case, discussing the characters with a bit more detail. We could say that the previous article was somewhat of a summary of the anime and this is a summary on some of the most important characters in the shows. So, here it goes:

Japanese name: Hikaru Ichijo

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One of Robotech's main characters, Rick Hunter is an arrogant young stunt pilot at the beginning of the series, but ends up being a mild veteran (by the end of The Macross Saga). A skilled pilot, Rick is promoted to Admiral upon completion of The First Robotech War. Rick guides the Robotech Expeditionary Force to Tirol on a peacekeeping mission, but instead finds himself embroiled in an all-out war against the Invid. After the Invid invade Earth, Hunter orders the Expeditionary Force fleet to return to Earth (including the young pilot Scott Bernard) with the goal of reconquering the ancient mother planet. Rick Hunter disappears along with the rest of SDF-3 in the final episodes of the series.

Japanese name: Lynn Minmay

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Lynn is a beautiful, spoiled young woman who becomes Rick's first love at the beginning of the Robotech series. Minmay wins the Miss Macross beauty pageant aboard the SDF-1 and quickly becomes a star, leaving Rick in the background. However, after her career collapses, she turns to Rick for emotional support. Lynn Minmay hates war and is a strong defender of peace towards the Zentraedi.

Japanese name: Misa Hayase

A long-standing military woman, SDF-1 First Officer, and Rick Hunter's immediate superior. Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter quarrel like cats and dogs in the first episodes of the series, but they come to respect each other and eventually fall in love. Lisa is assigned command of SDF-2, and then that of SDF-3 (SDF-2 is destroyed in the final battle of the first Robotech War).

Japanese name: Roy Focker

Rick's mentor and "older brother" Roy Fokker is primarily responsible for Rick joining the Robotech ranks. He was a veteran pilot of the Global Civil War and was one of the first test pilots to get on a Veritech Fighter. Roy leads the famous SDF-1 "Skull Squad".

Japanese name: Claudia LaSalle

Chief Communications Officer of the SDF-1, Claudia Grant always provided a reliable presence on the bridge during battle. Claudia was Roy Fokker's lover. She is also Lisa's best friend, and it is she who helps her sort out her confused feelings towards Rick Hunter.

Japanese name: Bruno J. Grobal

A world civil war veteran and seasoned commander, Captain Gloval is appointed commander of the SDF-1. It is largely due to its tenacity that SDF-1 was able to return to Earth after the failed attempt at transposition to Pluto. After the destruction of Earth and the defeat of the Zentraedi army, Gloval becomes the supreme commander of the RDF, and begins construction of the SDF-2 to try to prevent another war, this time against the Robotech Masters.

Japanese name: Maximilian Jiinas

At the beginning of the series, Max is an insecure recruit assigned to Lt. Rick Hunter, during the times of the SDF-1's journey to Earth. However, his phenomenal piloting skills set him apart as THE pilot aboard the SDF-1. Max defeats Miriya in combat and eventually marries her. He becomes one of Rick's best friends and is later assigned the leadership of the "Skull Squad" when Rick is promoted to Admiral.

Japanese name: Lynn Kaifun

Lynn Minmay's cousin. Lynn Kyle tackles SDF-1 after her return to Earth to care for Minmay and reunite with her parents (with whom Minmay lived in SDF-1). A talented actor and master of martial arts, Lynn Kyle is a staunch defender of peace with the Zentraedi, at any cost. Kyle becomes Minmay's manager, but they break up when Kyle loses hope and starts drinking, due to the destruction of Earth.

Japanese name: Britai Kridanik

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Commander of the first Zentraedi fleet to locate SDF-1 on Earth, Breetai is a smart and ruthless adversary who leads attack after attack against the space fortress. However, Breetai comes to respect and even admire the culture of Earth, and eventually defends the SDF-1 in the final battle against Dolza's forces. Breetai becomes a determined supporter of Admiral Gloval, Rick Hunter, and Lisa Hayes.

Japanese name: Exedore Formo

Breetai's assistant. A brilliant analyst and scientist, Exedore is one of the first to realize the potential that humans possess. Exedore is absolutely faithful to Breetai, and eventually becomes a great supporter of Admiral Gloval, Rick Hunter, and Lisa Hayes as well.

Japanese name: Kamjin Kravshera

Nicknamed "The Traitor", Khyron is, however, one of the best generals the Zentraedi Force can offer. He is totally ruthless, capable of sacrificing even his own men if this means a quick victory for him. Khyron becomes obsessed with destroying the SDF-1 and constantly orders attacks regardless of the (contrary) orders of his superiors.

Japanese name: Bodolza

He is the Superno Commander of all Zentraedi. Dolza wants to capture SDF-1 because she believes it contains a secret that will transform the Zentraedi into the most powerful race in the galaxy. However, not being able to understand human emotions, he orders the Earth to be destroyed rather than risk contaminating his fleet.

Japanese name: Lap Lamiz

Quadronos commander and Miriya's senior officer. At first Azonia is extremely loyal to Breetai, but is seduced by Khyron, after Dolza's murder. Azonia is killed along with Khyron during her attack on SDF-1 and SDF-2.

Japanese names: Walera, Rori, Konda

Three Zentraedi spies ordered to infiltrate SDF-1 and learn everything they can from human culture. They become defenders of the RDF and become friends with Max and Miriya during the reconstruction period after Dolza's attack.

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