Kissanime, Kissmanga Taken Down

Kissanime, Kissmanga Taken Down

As of Sunday, the piracy anime and manga sites Kissanime and Kissmanga have been shut down. Upon accessing the site, the site states, "All files are taken down by copyright owners. The site will be closed forever. Thank you for your support [sic]). On the KissCommunity Discord channel, run by community staff members, stated that the sites are gone for good and that the data has been deleted and can never be recovered. 


Kissmanga and Kissanime are manga and anime websites, respectively, which provide links to pirated English-subtitled and dubbed anime, and pirated English-translated manga. These sites have been extensively used by fans across the international platform in order to access the diverse anime and manga library available. 


Japan's parliament enacted a revised copyright law in June to expand the law and to make it a punishable crime to download illegally uploaded or pirated manga, magazines and academic works knowingly. The revised law will go into effect from January 1st. The revision of the law now bans 'leech sites' that provide hyperlinks to pirated content starting from October 1st. 

In 2019, A subcommittee of Japan's Agency of Cultural Affairs agreed on a plan to form comprehensive laws banning the practice of knowingly downloading illegal media from the Internet. This, however, caused concern regarding the restriction of freedom of expression of internet users. The committee drafted a plan which contained exceptions for screenshots to a panel of experts to discuss the proposal. A Japanese cabinet meeting approved the proposed bill on March 10. This brings changes to the previous bill which merely formalized punishment for downloads of illegally uploaded music, videos and illegal uploads of all materials. .

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