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Hitting Gold in El Dorado!

Hitting Gold in El Dorado!

Date Published: Wed, 10th Nov, 2021

Tuesday the 2nd of November marked the most monumental day in the course of the YuGiOh TCG this year: the Konami-sponsored early sneak opening event for Maximum Gold: El Dorado! The month of October was bloated with the back-to-back release of several highly anticipated products, namely the Structure Deck Cyber Strike, Legendary Duelists Synchro Storm and the 2021 Mega Tins; with everyone's wallets dry over Crossout Designator & Infinite Impermanence, Konami's unveiling of Maximum Gold: El Dorado has proven the Mega Tins to be the biggest red herring of 2021! With the competitive flop of Crossout Designator and the lack of reprints for cards such as Forbidden Droplet & Accesscode Talker, the mediocre performance exhibited by the Mega Tins quickly took the backseat once the set list for El Dorado became public knowledge!

We hope you didn't put all your eggs in one basket for 2021 because you're about to rack up some major duelist debt once you see the treasures sealed within El Dorado!!

Maximum Gold: El Dorado continues the legacy set by its predecessor; it boasts an exclusive rarity to itself and serves as one of the most prized reprint sets in the history of the game. With sealed boxes of Maximum Gold still selling in excess of $45 per product, El Dorado furthers a tried & tested tradition of profit and sheer value, both for collectors & players alike. Unlike its older brother, however, El Dorado has a set size of 152 cards, 10 less than the former entry. Of these, 54 are Premium Gold Rares and the remaining 98 will be found as Gold Letter Rares! Given that the pack rarity distribution (2 premium golds & 5 letter rares per packs, with 4 packs per box) has gone unchanged, the statistical likelihood of you pulling something you want are slightly higher this year!

And what's not there to want, folks?! El Dorado is bursting with golden glory, and it's time for a deeper look!

Meta Staples Reprinted!

Dethroning the Mega Tins as the sole reprint set for meta-relevant staples, El Dorado's lineup of auric havoc lists notable entities such as Predaplant Verte Anaconda, Pot of Extravagance, I:P Masquerena, Knightmare Unicorn, Invocation... and none other than Accesscode Talker himself! Surpassing the Triple Tactics Talents and Zeus of the 2021 Mega Tins is a tall order, but El Dorado cut through our expectations like butter: bringing accessible reprints to some of the most sought-after cards from 2020 as well. Those unable to get their hands on sets like Eternity Code and Duel Overload have yet another opportunity to lay their claim on these cards before they go scarce again! Cards like Mystic Mine and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo also join in on the anti-meta action and add to the legacy of anti-meta cards introduced as Barrier Statues in last year's Maximum Gold!

Great Rarity Distributions!

Bling doesn't have to mean better; El Dorado takes a break from the notion that higher rarities are the only ones that matter- big hits such as Psyframelord Lambda, Scrap Wyvern, Trap Trick, Salamamgreat Almiraj, the Superdreadnought Rail Cannon package and Eva (among several deck cores) are all available as Gold Letter rares; and with 5 slots available per pack, you'll have plenty of chances to grab up these chase cards in their most budget form to date! Previously locked behind casual sets (think Legendary Duelists) and Battles of Legend secret rare prints, some of these cards will take a nosedive in price, much to the benefit of the budget players! All the same, the Maximum Gold cards give several infamous cards a new rarity altogether, giving everyone's favorite cards a chance to shine like never before!

Fan-favourite Decks!

With a set size of 140+ cards, it should come as no surprise that El Dorado plays host to three complete decks and harbours over five deck cores! Prank Kids, Numerons and Eldlich are all fully included within the packs of El Dorado, allowing fans of these timeless strategies to build these decks from scratch. Deck cores are also up for grabs in the form of Scrap Dinos, Weather Painters, Code Talkers, Altergiest and Trains, giving you access to a range of fan-favourite decks to add to your cardboard arsenal! To add to this, El Dorado also grants buyers access to mini-engines such as Danger Bigfoot & Nessie, Rokket Tracer & Striker Dragon, Psyframe Gamma & Lambda, Zefras and the titular Red Dragon Archfiend synchro package! One way or the other, you're getting an engine, core or deck in here!

Alternate Art Galore!

Every yugioh product comes with a compromise; even among the best sets, a buyer has to make the choice to pick between casual, competitive and collectors' appeal- MGED has the distinction of appealing to all aspect of the game, and the Alternate Arts are the cherry on top just to drive this point home! Unlike last year's set, which only introduced 6 new alt arts, El Dorado has a notably longer list of confirmed alternate card arts, as you can see below:

•Destiny Hero Plasma
•Danger?! Bigfoot
•Rescue Cat
•Firewall Dragon
•Red Eyes Black Dragon
•Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
•Ghost Mourner & Moonlight Chill
•Black Rose Dragon
•Knightmare Unicorn
•IP Masquerena
•Eldlich the Golden lord

Prepare to see these cards like never before! Our favorite has to be The Golden boy himself!

Exclusive Cards!

Just when you thought you'd read everything there was to read about Maximum Gold, we're dropping this bombshell on you! The OCG exclusive Number's Collection Binder was a product that was unfortunately not adapted into the TCG; the exclusive cards within the binder, however, have been imported into the TCG through El Dorado! Prepare to bling out your Numeron Decks as they grow in power after the introduction of four powerful new cards:

•Numeron Chaos Ritual
•Number C1000: Numeronius
•Number iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia
•Numeron Storm

With just two more Numeron Cards left to import from the anime (Numeron Xyz Revision and Numeron Spell Revision), this deck is almost at full power! Wield Don Thousand's cards in all their might and treat your opponent to a Barian-themed Smackdown!

Competitive Appeal: 5/5
Casual Appeal: 5/5
Collectors' Appeal: 5/5

TOTAL: 15/15

Now that everything's said and done, we'd like to hear your feedback and expectations from this product! Feel free to drop a comment down below or start a discussion over on our Whatsapp or Discord groups!

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