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Fullmetal Alchemist_ FMA AND FMAB Which one is better? | Adilsons

Fullmetal Alchemist_ FMA AND FMAB Which one is better?

Today I'll share something my opinions on as to why fmab is superior to fma. The basic difference between FMAB and FMA is that the former is a faithful adaptation of the manga. And the latter isn't, sure it delves more into the "philosophical motifs" which it is trying to show but in terms of storytelling it falls flat. Also, FullMetal Alchemist is a remake and not a sequel.

One thing, when you will listen to Yui's Again (1st OP) it has a line "Who are you waiting for, in this labyrinth of emotions with no seeable exit?" This defines the show by the way. You will come to understand it.

So let's discuss why FMAB is the best anime for me in this vast sea of shonen anime.


This show is about two boys trying to find a philosopher’s stone which would help them regain their bodies as well as revive their dead mother. Now some more details, when Edward and Alphonse Elric lost their mother these boys couldn't endure that pain of losing her at such a tender age. Especially when their father left them.

So they attempt human transmutation using Alchemy. But only after doing it, they realize the terrifying truth of the LAW OF EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE. This results in Edward losing his left leg and Alphonse loses his body. At the gate of truth, Edward trades in his right arm for his brother's soul and affixes it in a suit of armor. Devastated by this experience the brothers find a new family in their childhood friend Winry and her grandmother.

All that changes when the military of Amestris comes to know about it. And urges them to become the State Alchemists. So after researching for like 3 years, they come to know about the Philosopher's Stone (not the harry potter one that sucks) It is a relic of sorts which an alchemist can use to overwrite the Law of Equivalent Exchange.
The Elric Brothers are aided by General Mustang & his subordinates. But the path which they have taken is about to rain hell on them. As they are about to get tangled up in a nationwide conspiracy, which is a century-old danger. Along their treacherous journey, they will come across friends and foes alike. Learn about the true nature of the stone, all the while trying to understand "THE TRUE WORTH OF A SOUL."

Although I have mentioned above that Fmab is better than Fma, now I will state my reasons.

Like for instance, Fma has a lot of fillers. The characters introduced in it might look interesting at times but as the story moves forward it goes all flat. The filler characters act like plot devices (literally). Yes, you will see them once and chances are they may or may not be there the next time. Believe me, this is the truth. The first 4 episodes show us in detail about the bros and the mother. The accident and aftermath which was a strong start but later on the series lost its composure.
Shou tucker's terrifying experiment plus *spoilers* The death of Maes Hughes was emotional like they were supposed to be. So props to that. Also in fma we don't have Olivia Armstrong (sister of Alex Armstrong) in fmab she had a powerful presence, she was the general of the forces at Briggs.

Even the Homunculi switch sides which is a bullshit move. A Homunculi or Homunculus is an artificial being brought to life by the power of alchemy which in turn is powered by the philosopher's stone. Nearly impossible to kill, if not immortal per se. Homunculi are the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride)

Now Let’s talk about FMA

Okay, first the cons there are none. The story pacing is way too fast in the initial episodes of Fmab as compared to Fma. So in that way, the relationship between Edward/Alphonse with his mom felt more fleshed out. The side characters are useful but unlike in the original series, they don't have much use so use it as a 50-50.

Pretty minute problems though, but even after all this Fmab is a flawless show. Yeah yeah, the offbeat humor is something some might or might not laugh. The only thing Fma managed to do nicely. The characters, soundtrack, openings/endings make Fmab truly phenomenal. For instance, Edward in fma was a mean little bitch. But in fmab, he was 90% of the time like your above average shonen protagonist (which is awesome) it is all balanced as all things should be. For me Scar was the real breakout character, his character progression was supposedly the best in the series.

Before I conclude I would like to answer some generally asked questions about the series, so this for all the newbies and weebs who are watching it right now..
1. Is FMAB better than FMA?
Of course yes, but then again I would like it to say if you want to watch the original series watch it after fmab.
2. Who is the strongest Alchemist?
Roy Mustang (i didn't mention ALL Father on purpose)
3. Who is the strongest homunculus?
4. Is Fullmetal Alchemist the best anime ever?
In shonen anime, hell yes. It isn't long, it is short and sweet filled with jaw-dropping and memorable moments.
5. How long are Fmab and Fma (including ova)
Fmab has 64 episodes followed by 4 ova whose story is set in between the main episodes. Fma has 51 episodes and 5 OVAs they are made for fun though.

In conclusion, I would like to say that when I resumed watching anime back in 2017 I did it with FMAB. The seiyuu (voice actors/actress) are very much responsible for giving us an amazing impression of such characters. As for the fight scenes we do get some epic moments, for instance, Mustang is a fire alchemist and he orchestrates a "LIT EDM concert" in the end. As a shonen go, for me fmab had the most satisfying ending of all time, they even tied off all the subplots nicely. Along their journey you will learn a lot of things like the meaning of friendship, the need to stand up for what is right, that bad guys aren't born to be evil, never lose your resolve in the more dire circumstances and the beauty of having someone stand by your side at all times.

With a badass man, you will find equally badass women beside him, Respecting a different religion and its culture, fighting for the truth no matter what. As for heartwarming stuff goes the bond which Ed & Al shared was emotional, it was a brotherhood like no other.
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